Iran: Free Nazanin Immediately !

Richard Ratcliffe’s wife, Nazanin, has been used as a pawn now for over 5 years; detained by the Iranian authorities.  Richard is now into his 18th day of a hunger strike to highlight this issue even more.

Richard Ratcliffe: ‘Please bring my wife Nazanin home’ | Evening Standard

Boris Johnson, the UK PM, along with many of his senior ministers, have let this issue fester for far too long.  It is a gutless British government led by a gutless British PM.

Free Nazanin NOW.

Read the story here:

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, unfairly detained for years by Iran, and her husband Richard have been abandoned by Boris Johnson – Laura Waddell (

Free Nazanin NOW.

Richard Ratcliffe calls on Boris Johnson to help free his wife being held hostage in Iran (

Growing concern for Richard Ratcliffe 17 days into hunger strike | Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe | The Guardian

Free Nazanin NOW.

Iran: Do The Right Thing and FREE Nazanin Immediately. – World Animals Voice

Regards Mark

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