The art of slowness- Butenland farm

Report from Hof Butenland (sanctuary)

We are used to slow-moving traffic from our cow fraction, but today there was a complete traffic jam.
Of course we immediately dispatched the general supervision (Pippilotta), but unfortunately even this highly qualified expert could not find any reason for the blockage.

It is probably a closed protest of the herd, Chaya is presumably dictating her demands to Omic.
But we are deeply relaxed, it can only be a matter of little things like new times for the straw bale service, faster maintenance intervals for the cow cleaning machines or an immediate increase in the daily apple quota.

So nothing that cannot be eliminated easily. We even think it’s nice when something like this is mooed openly, because that’s the only way we can keep improving.

And we mean…That is the enjoyment of slowness.
Slowing down makes you enjoy what you are doing better

regards, Venus

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