NL / UK: Shell; Eco Destroyers, Pull the Plug on the NL and Ready Instead for the UK. Watch the Environmentalist Girl Do Her Bit With the CEO On Video – Welcome Mr CEO to the UK !

WAV Comment – Is being in the EU everything ‘they’ wish it to be ?

Maybe others need to do a ‘Brexit’ and take back some of their own national control; and pride !

Once Shell move entirely to the UK, campaigners can really start on them and show what their alleged climate action is all about.

There is an obvious reason for the move, and I would have a slight haphazard guess that it is something to do with money and possibly orders from the Dutch courts.

Who knows the real reasons ? – we never will; but for the future, welcome Shell to the UK; people are ready for you;

Like this for example:

Recent information:

‘Losing Dutch pride because of EU’ Nexit fury as Shell chooses Brexit Britain as new home (

Dutch government only has itself to blame for Shell move to UK (

Some of our recent posts relating to Shell:

The video is worth a watch:

UK; Twas The Night Before COP26 – British Comedian Joe Lycett Holds ‘Shell’ (Oil Giant) To Account For Their Green Sales Techniques. He Literally Talks Shit ! – World Animals Voice

Netherlands: ‘The climate has won today’ – Shell ordered to cut CO2 emissions by 45% in landmark climate case. – World Animals Voice

Regards Mark

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