England: Verity Bowditch To Expand Vegan Restaurant Amid £1.4M Investment.

WAV Comment – for our overseas visitors, ‘Made In Chelsea’ is a television programme.

Verity Bowditch of Made In Chelsea is eyeing the expansion of her vegan restaurant Clean Kitchen

Clean Kitchen was built to promote sustainable eating Credit: Instagram

Made In Chelsea’s Verity Bowditch To Expand Vegan Restaurant Amid £1.4M Investment

It’s hoping to become the ‘biggest’ plant-based food brand in the country…

Made In Chelsea star Verity Bowditch is eyeing an expansion of her newly opened vegan restaurant following a successful seed investment. Clean Kitchen, situated in London’s Camden secured £1.4 million in its first seed round.

Lead investors include ex-chairman of Quorn, Clive Sharpe, and the fitness influencer and businesswoman Grace Beverley.

Verity Bowditch’s vegan restaurant

Bowditch founded the business with former YouTuber Mikey Pearce less than a year ago, and the site opened its doors to the public over summer.

The vegan outlet offers fast food and built on the premise of maximizing sustainability and “clean living.”

Now, it’s hoping to open 40 new sites across the country. The move comes as the outlet celebrates thousands of daily orders and a 30 percent growth rate month to month.

And, in its first year, 2020, Clean Kitchen says it sold a staggering 50,000 burgers. The business is now valued at £7.5 million.

Clean Kitchen investment

In a statement sent to PBN, Verity Bowditch said: “There’s a clear demand for delicious, sustainable protein alternatives.

People are waking up to the impact that meat production is having on the environment and need a clear solution – one that also fits easily into their lifestyle. We provide exactly that.”

Moreover, Clean Kitchen “isn’t just for vegans,” rather for anyone who cares about the environment. The aim is to “disrupt the industry,” the Made In Chelsea star added.

Mikey Pearce adds that the pair have “big ambitions to be the biggest plant-based food brand in the UK.”

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