The calf blood: a billion dollar business

Millions of pregnant cattle are slaughtered around the world and the unborn calves are disposed of as “slaughterhouse waste”.

Some cows give birth to their young on the way to the slaughterhouse, in most cases the cow arrives at the slaughterhouse pregnant.
There the mother is stunned with a bolt shot and – often hanging by one leg – killed by bleeding.

The fetus suffocates in the dead womb.
If a pregnant animal is found on the slaughterhouse assembly line, it is separated, the uterus and the still unopened amniotic sac removed from the mother’s skeleton and disposed of.

In non-European countries, like in Argentina, Australia and New Zealand, but also in some EU countries such as France, the calves face an even more terrible fate – a thick needle is stuck without anesthesia through the ribs into the still beating heart of the calf fetus and around half a liter of blood is drawn from each anima, in order to obtain the raw material for the production of FCS.

While the demand is particularly high in Europe and the USA, the VCS is mainly obtained in countries where cattle is raised intensively, such as Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and others.
It is estimated that 800,000 liters of VCS are sold worldwide each year.
That means-two million cattle fetuses are being exploited for this.

That equates to one million liters of fetal calf serum per year.
So far there are no federal or EU uniform laws for the protection of the mother animal or the fetus for handling during slaughter

The serum from the blood of unborn calves is used in research and for the manufacture of medicines.

Additional information on thisWhen the cow is slaughtered, the unborn calf is removed from its body.

The fetus is taken to a special room and cut out, where it is removed from the amniotic sac and disinfected.
Then a thick cannula is pierced through the ribs into the beating heart without anesthesia.
The heart still has to beat so that the blood can be drawn off more quickly and so that the blood does not wrestle.

Tapping into it takes between 5 and 25 minutes.
Millions of unborn calves are systematically bled.
The blood goes into the centrifuge to be separated from the red blood cells and then it is purified under sterile conditions with a very fine filter to make the serum.

Blood serum has enormous value.

Depending on the quality, it can cost up to 15,000 euros per liter
This means that 1-2 million unborn calves worldwide per year have to die a slow and miserable death.

They are then processed into animal feed.
The serum is needed in research and for the production of medicines.
It is also used for multiple sclerosis and cancers.
But nobody knows exactly what is in this serum, which is obtained from the blood of tortured animals.
Yet it is used in laboratories and around the world – it is considered a miracle cure!

The most important reason fetal calf serum should not be used is that its production is associated with immeasurable suffering of millions of calf fetuses.
Because fetuses also feel pain.

My best regards to all, Venus

2 thoughts on “The calf blood: a billion dollar business”

  1. WHAT A HORRIBLE, EVIL PRACTICE – TO TORTURE CALF FOETUSES TO DEATH FOR UP TO 25 MINUTES! There are thousands of people in the world today who are much worse than Dr. Mengele! These people deserve to be prosecuted for this shocking crime in my opinion. Not many people know about this.


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