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Fur News

Check out all the latest global fur news from our good friend Mark Glover at ‘Respect for Animals’; Nottingham England.

Want to know more about nations and if they have banned fur production, are in the process or will be in future ?

Use the guide to fur bans around the world by clicking on the following link:

A Guide To Fur Bans Around The World | Respect for Animals

The fur industry has been condemned for pursuing a COVID-19 vaccination scheme for factory farmed mink in Finland, diverting key resources needed in the development of vaccines needed to save human lives. The fur trade intends to expand the program around Europe as soon as possible.

Read the full story by clicking on this link:

Fur trade uses key materials needed for human vaccinations | Respect for Animals

Fur industry guilty of ‘greenwashing’ in new report

A new report detailing the environmental impact of fur has criticised the fur industry for ‘greenwashing’, as Respect for Animals calls for governments to take action.

Download the new report here:

Fur industry guilty of ‘greenwashing’ in new report | Respect for Animals

Check out the excellent ‘Respect’ site by visiting at 

Respect for Animals | Campaign against animal fur – Fur for Animals

Regards Mark

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