England: If You Buy From Amazon; Use ‘Amazon Smile’ and Support Charities At the Same Time. It Costs You Nothing.

If you order products online from Amazon; did you know that Amazon can donate to charity every time you shop ?

Don’t buy direct from the Amazon site; instead, go to ‘Amazon Smile’,

Whenever I buy from Amazon, I make sure that I buy through ‘Amazon Smile’; it is no different to the usual site; only that a small donation is made to the charity of your choice each time you buy.

When I buy, Amazon Smile gives directly to my chosen ‘Brooke Hospital For Animals’ which is located in London; here is a bit about them:

The Brooke Hospital For Animals

Location: London


To promote the welfare and relieve the suffering of working equines and other animals in africa, asia, the middle east and south and central america, and in any other areas outside the united kingdom that the trustees may think fit, for the public benefit, in particular, but not exclusively, by: the support, promotion and provision of veterinary and other animal healthcare services whether in the context of veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, other animal healthcare facilities or…

Programmes:  Activities: Makes grants to organisations, provides services, provides advocacy/advice/information, sponsors or undertakes research, Beneficiaries: Other defined groups, Purposes: Education/training, animals

This morning through my purchases, I have been informed of my help to Brooke through Amazon Smile:

You have generated

as of 29 December 2021

Your current charity
The Brooke Hospital For Animals has received £10,417.66
as of December 2021

Over £10,000 this year (2021) just by people supporting the Brooke; slightly adjusting the way they shop.

When you shop at Amazon, just type ‘Amazon Smile’ in your web browser and then shop as usual – the only difference is a donation is made to the charity of your choice.  It takes nothing of your time, but can make such a difference to charities.

Regards Mark


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