“Because I love bulls”

Kanada flagge

Jo-Anne McArthur (born December 23, 1976) is a Canadian photojournalist, humane educator, animal rights activist and author. She is known for her We Animals project, a photography project documenting human relationship with animals. Through the We Animals Humane Education program, McArthur offers presentations about human relationships with animals in educational and other environments, and through the We Animals Archive, she provides photographs and other media for those working to help animals.


Her work has been published in a variety of media, including the Canadian version of the lifestyle magazine Elle, the German news magazine Der Spiegel, and the American tourism magazine National Geographic Traveler. In addition, her photographs have been used by over 100 animal advocacy organizations and in academic work on human-animal relationships.

Jo-Anne McArthur tells the following anecdote in her book “We Animals”:


Two activists and I contacted a school for bullfighting, located up a dusty road a few hours outside of Madrid, and asked if we could document the training. I said I was a foreign correspondent interested in Spanish culture. When we arrived, we parked outside the school’s gates and were warmly welcomed.

For two hours, we followed boys as young as four and in their late teens as they practiced all aspects of bullfighting — from circling each other and taking turns at being the bull, to learning how to employ the “banderillas” and perfecting the quick kill by inserting the sword between the shoulder blades directly into the animal’s heart.

Stier in der Arena

A little boy, about six years old, was practicing with the “muleta”, the red cape, which the matador flourishes and passes in front of the bull in the final stage of a bullfight. Through a translator, I asked him why he wanted to become a matador.


Angebundener Stier-blutendn

“Because I love bulls,” he replied.

My best regards, Venus

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