German farmers: privatize profits, socialize losses!




“Germany’s drought-stricken farmers call for help. Especially at the Union they find support. No wonder: farmers choose traditional conservative !!
Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner (Chistian Democratic Union, CDU) announced, of course, fast support “.

Now the peasants complain again!
They moan because they have to slaughter their animals earlier because of drought and lack of food.
They have chosen the job of slaughtering animals, but they only complain about the timing because early slaughter reduces their profits.
The life of the animals does not matter either, for the peasants animals are commodities, they breed them, they fatten them to slaughter them. And that brings money.





Farmers are the largest land and forest owners, they receive billions of euros from Brussels, most of the EU’s money goes into agriculture, and of course comes from the taxpayer.
As a sector they are one of the largest greenhouse gas producers: with approx. 3 million cattle in terms of methane gas and manure, and also because of 70 million pigs p.a., which infects our groundwater because of the nitrate input.

Farmer is: Mass animal farming (animal cruelty), EU subsidies (rip off), blame for climate change (environmental / natural destroyers), etc…. In addition, they also destroy the streets with their oversized “tank-trackers” (the taxpayer can afford this millions of damages even tin in the year).
And there is even a separate ministry for this gang!


Was there any follow-up due to the record crops of the past 10 or 15 years? No of course not!
Because the farmer’s rule is: privatize profits, socialize losses!
Apparently farmers are entrepreneurs, then they have to take care of themselves or go bankrupt, just like other companies.

The Union supports the peasants fat, because they mostly vote for the Conservatives, but in numbers from voters considered, agriculture today no longer matters at all …….



The picture with the sheep, above, is from my private archive. This sheep, almost half dead, had left my neighbor and farmer together with other 25 in a meadow, with 37 degrees and blazing sun for two days. Without water. We broke the fence, chatted the animals, and put a big tub of water there. Every hour we had to fill new water, so thirsty were the animals. We saved this sheep, and all others.
If the animal died, the farmer would ask for compensation.
I did not file a complaint with the police.
Because after this incident, he has put all the sheep in shade and three (!!) water tubs for them. I watch him!!

My best regards to all, Venus




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