USA: Tump Has Sights On More Environmental Damage.


trump en3

Take Action 2

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First it was the Paris agreement. Then the Clean Power Plan.

Now the Trump administration has its sights set on dismantling

yet another crucial climate policy: fuel-efficiency and tailpipe-

pollution standards for cars and light trucks.

Fossil-fuel vehicles are the nation’s largest source of greenhouse

gases, and clean car standards are our best tool to fight climate

change yet. We’ve been fighting for years to stay on the right

track — but now Trump’s trying to ditch the plan.

Tell the EPA it must strengthen, not weaken clean car standards.

This reckless proposal would lock us into decades of toxic,

planet-warming emissions. An additional 2.2 billion tons

of carbon dioxide would be pumped into the air by 2040,

hastening climate catastrophe and threatening humans,

polar bears and countless other species already struggling to survive.

And that’s not all. The Trump administration also wants

to strip California of its ability to set stricter standards,

which are currently followed by 12 other states and D.C.

And the president’s bizarre claim that people driving

dirty vehicles are safer and drive less is just wrong.

America’s cars are more fuel-efficient and safer every year.


Take Action 2

Take action now. Insist that the EPA withdraw this damaging

policy reversal.




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