Finland: Helsinki Fashion Week Pledges To Go Leather Free !



Big news! Helsinki Fashion Week has pledged to go leather-free.

In a stand against the leather industry’s cruelty to animals and environmental devastation, leather will be prohibited on Helsinki Fashion Week catwalks from July 2019.

The event – held annually in Finland’s capital – is known for promoting sustainable fashion. But there’s nothing sustainable about the leather trade. In fact, each year, the industry – which is one of the world’s biggest polluters – kills over a billion animals.

These intelligent, defenceless individuals are often confined to extremely small enclosures and subjected to mutilations, such as castration, without any pain relief. Some are skinned and dismembered alive – all for the sake of fashion.

Thankfully, we don’t have to harm animals to be able to wear stylish, luxurious clothing and accessories. Vegan leather – including innovative, high-tech options made from sustainable, plant-derived materials – is on the rise.

Will you say “no” to leather by pledging to wear only your own skin and to let animals keep theirs?


 Pledge To Be Leather Free

Thank you for everything you do to protect animals.


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