Canada: The Sealers of the Magdalen Islands of Quebec are Pressuring the Government To Allow Them To Hunt Grey Seals.

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August 30, 2018

Dear Mark,

The sealers of the Magdalen Islands of Quebec are pressuring the government of Quebec to allow them to kill grey seals who live on and around the nature reserve, Brion Island.

The government of Quebec is considering this proposal. The Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change, Isabelle Melançon, has said that consultations on the matter will begin in September.

The sealers, in typical fashion, are blaming seals for fish population declines at the same time that they pillage the oceans. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans of Canada (DFO), which calls the Atlantic cod “endangered,” still allows thousands of tons of the fish to be killed by fishermen. In 2017, the DFO allowed fishermen to kill 13,000 metric tons of this endangered fish.

At the same time, the DFO allows over-fishing of capelin, thus depleting stocks of one of the main prey of cod.

Until the DFO and fishermen recognize that the marine ecosystem is a complex web and that human interference in the web is extremely destructive to this ecosystem, we will continue to see scapegoating of seals along with ever more population collapses, both of fish and marine mammals. The DFO and the fishing industry must change the way they operate, ending industrial-scale fishing and the use of destructive fishing methods like long lines, purse seines and bottom trawlers, and maintaining control of fishing gear so that unintended targets do not become victims of entanglement in their plastic pollution.

PLEASE TAKE ACTION TODAY and send an automated email to the Quebec government. If you are a resident of Quebec, please also participate formally in the public consultations on Brion Island seals. Note: the National Assembly of Quebec was recently dissolved, so if you are a voting citizen in Quebec, please keep this issue in mind in the coming elections.

Other Actions You Can Take for Seals

  • Hand out our leaflets. Email us with your mailing address and the number of leaflets you would like us to send.
  • Donate to our seal campaigns.
  • Be a walking billboard for seals by purchasing a t-shirt from our e-store or our Variety Store, and help us raise funds by purchasing gifts from our stores.
  • Spread the word about the plight of the seals on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Volunteer in bigger ways: join as a volunteer officer or outreach activist.


Thank you for caring and taking action.

For the seals,

Diana Marmorstein, Ph.D.

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