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USA: California Has Officially Banned Deadly Driftnets in Commercial Fishing.



California Has Officially Banned Deadly Driftnets in Commercial Fishing

Posted by Carly Day | October 2, 2018

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Image Credit: Mercy For Animals

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a new bill — SB 1017 — which will see the use of driftnets in the state phased out over the next four years.

The bill was authored by Senator Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica) with 15 co-authors, and passed almost unanimously in the state senate and assembly. To assist fishermen who need to transition away from using driftnets, the law includes a transition program with incentives for those who choose to give up their previous permit.

“This hard-won victory was a long time coming,” said Senator Allen. “Finally we have found a way to phase out the use of these deadly and destructive nets without harming the commercial fishing industry in the process. I’m very pleased that we now can look forward to a time not far in the future when magnificent marine creatures will no longer be injured and killed by these nets.”

Drift nets are used in commercial fishing and are hugely destructive to marine life. Large driftnets may be over one mile in length and sink down into the sea for hundreds of feet. For every swordfish caught using driftnets, it is estimated that seven marine animals are trapped, injured or killed in the nets. Because these nets catch fish and marine mammals indiscriminately, air-breathing animals are often caught in the nets and drown — including turtles, dolphins, and sea lions.

In April this year, a group of advocacy organizations, including Turtle Island Restoration Network, Mercy For Animals, SeaLegacy and Sharkwater, released devastating footage from investigations into the use of these death nets — capturing shocking video of a huge array of marine life trapped and suffering. Undercover investigators filmed sharks and stingrays trapped in the nets, gasping for life as they were hacked apart or beaten with baseball bats, and dolphins, sea lions and seabirds trapped and killed.

Driftnet use has already been discontinued in all other U.S. states — as well as many countries worldwide — making California the last state to come into line with the rest of the nation.

“This is amazing news and goes to show that by working collaboratively and strategically, we can make a difference,” said Paul Nicklen, co-founder and expedition lead for SeaLegacy. “This legislation is long overdue and we are encouraged by Governor Brown’s action on the issue. Documenting what happens in the driftnets in the waters off the coast of California was one of the most devastating things I have witnessed in my career. The fact that there is now real progress toward an end to this barbaric practice is what motivates me every day.”

USA: Hunter Crushed when Bear He Shot Rolls On Top Of Him.



Hunter Crushed when Bear He Shot Rolls On Top Of Him

Posted by Katie Valentine | October 3, 2018

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Over the weekend, two hunters in Alaska learned firsthand that big game hunting poses some serious safety risks.

Alaska’s Department of Public Safety reports that on Saturday, the pair were hunting near Carter Lake on the Kenai Peninsula, roughly 100 miles south of Anchorage. They spotted a black bear on a ridge above them and shot it. The injured bear then rolled down the slope and straight toward the men, dislodging rocks along the way.

DPS reports that one of the hunters, William McCormick, was struck by both the tumbling bear and a rock. The 28-year-old sustained life-threatening injuries and was airlifted to Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage. McCormick’s 19-year-old hunting partner, Zachary Tennyson, managed to walk away from the ordeal unscathed.

The 200-pound bear was killed, according to state officials.

The hunters are both in the military and are currently stationed near Anchorage at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, a base that is shared by the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force.

At this time of year, bears in Alaska are preparing for hibernation and are therefore near their peak weight. Fully grown black bears reach up to 350 pounds, and grizzlies weigh up to 1,400 pounds.

This alarming incident highlights the very real risks that come along with big game hunting. Because of their size alone, bears are dangerous, as evidenced by the injuries caused to McCormick over the weekend. Bears are also known to become aggressive when provoked, and a human successfully outrunning or outclimbing one is practically unheard of.

In addition to presenting numerous safety hazards, bear hunting lacks practicality. Bear meat has a reputation for being unpalatable, and consuming undercooked bear meat can lead to a severe or fatal case of trichinosis. Therefore, it is rarely eaten, even by bear hunters.

The lesson? Leave the bears alone.

4/10/18. Today Is World Animals Day.

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It Is 2018; not 1618 – so its time to give animals the respect they deserve.

Break the cages, close the labs, shut down the slaughterhouses; stop the transport; trash all the bear bile facilities and free all the bears.  Put money second just for once; respect ALL sentient beings.


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To raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe. Building the celebration of World Animal Day unites the animal welfare movement, mobilising it into a global force to make the world a better place for all animals.  It’s celebrated in different ways in every country, irrespective of nationality, religion, faith or political ideology.  Through increased awareness and education we can create a world where animals are always recognised as sentient beings and full regard is always paid to their welfare.

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