Day: October 6, 2018

England: Petition – Justice For The Badger Hung From Goalpost.



As if there are not enough badgers being killed by a government that does not want to wake up to the reality of Bovine TB !

The vast majority of people in the UK love badgers and will do a lot to protect them.  They will find this disgusting.  Please sign.

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badger hung england


In a sickening act of cruelty, a badger was found hanged by the neck from a soccer goal crossbar in a school in Brentwood, Essex in the United Kingdom this week.

RSPCA investigators suspect the tortured animal was still alive at the time of hanging, as there was evidence of blood around its nose and mouth. We can only imagine the terror and suffering this poor animal went through as it was hoisted up to die in such a violent manner.

Whoever committed this horrific act — and displayed the victim’s body for all to see — is still walking the streets, and poses a threat to both animals and people. It is likely only a matter of time before they commit another brutal attack, and they must be found before this happens.

Sign this petition urging Essex Police to fully investigate this grisly crime, doing everything in their power to track down the person/s responsible and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

Anyone with information on this disturbing crime is encouraged to call the RSPCA appeals line on 0300 123 8018 and leave a message for Trainee Inspector Bennett.


Check out some of our old posts on this issue of Badgers – UK Badger cull and China – shaving brushes:




The dubious business of the EU…

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Pervers: EU wants goodness seal for illegal wood from Vietnam!

Illegal wood from Southeast Asia – sealed with goodness? That can soon become reality. The EU is negotiating a contract with Vietnam to facilitate the timber trade. She ignores that Vietnamese wood often comes from national parks in Cambodia. Please demand: No agreement, as long as the depletion continues!

The loggers do not have to worry about smuggling thick tree trunks across the border from Cambodia to Vietnam with their heavy transporters. They only take their foot off the gas for a few seconds – and drive on undisturbed.

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Petition – Protect Belize’s Endangered Jaguars – Please Sign.


Protect Belize’s Endangered Jaguars


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endangered jaguar belize

Target: Senator Godwin Hulse, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development, Belize

Goal: End deforestation to protect the endangered jaguars of Belize’s jungles.

The endangered jaguars of Belize are rapidly disappearing from the jungles. Unchecked deforestation destroys their habitats and food source. Something must be done before these majestic creatures perish forever.

Over 25,000 acres of forest have been lost in Belize over the past decade. The government has done little to intervene in the ravage of this forest land, causing sanctuaries and conservation groups to struggle to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect the jaguar species. One group is attempting to fundraise 600,000 dollars, a tremendous cost.

These groups cannot work alone and should not face the costly burden on their own. Sign the petition to demand the government take action to end deforestation and protect the jaguar from extinction.



Dear Senator Hulse,

The majestic jaguar is disappearing from your jungles. Over 25,000 acres of their habitat have been destroyed in only ten years, eliminating their homes and food source.

Conservation groups are working to protect the species, but they should not face this battle and its tremendous costs alone. I demand you join them and help protect the jaguar from extinction.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen


USA: Activists Brand Themselves with Hot Iron To Show The Suffering Inflicted On Many Farm Animals.



Activists Brand Themselves with Hot Iron

Demonstrators acting as ‘farm workers’ dragged four animal rights activists across UN Plaza. Then, a searing hot iron heated to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit was plunged into the activists’ arms and shoulders as they grimaced in pain.

In a statement, In Defense of Animals President Marilyn Kroplick, M.D. highlighted the importance of the peaceful protest: “We brought the hidden suffering of billions of animals to the streets of San Francisco on Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday with his message, ‘be the change you want to see in the world’. You can make a difference by choosing vegan options and enjoy benefits to your health, animals, and the environment.”

The first human-branding protest for animal rights occurred in Israel on World Day for Farmed Animals in 2012. It sparked an international movement called 269Life and the practice quickly caught on in other parts of the world, including Italy, Argentina, Australia, and the United States. The movement was named in honor of Calf 269, who narrowly avoided death when he was rescued from an Israeli dairy farm.

To date, thousands of animal activists around the globe have demonstrated their solidarity with the food industry’s animal victims by having the number 269 tattooed or branded into their flesh.

The human-branding protest in San Francisco yesterday was the first of its kind to take place in the state of California.


WAV Comment  – well done them for showing the world the suffering inflicted on many farm animals every day – effective !

USA: Latest news from the Center for Biological Diversity.



Latest news from the Center for Biological Diversity.


Chambered Nautilus Wins Endangered Species Act Protection

The chambered nautilus is an exceptionally beautiful shellfish — and its beauty is one of its biggest problems. The species’ numbers have been plummeting globally as nautiluses are harvested for sale as tourist trinkets. Over the past 16 years, about 1.7 million nautilus-shell products were imported into the United States.

But last week saw great news for these ancient ocean animals. In response to a Center for Biological Diversity petition, the National Marine Fisheries Service awarded them Endangered Species Act protection. Unfortunately the agency didn’t take steps toward curbing nautilus-shell imports.

“Endangered Species Act protection will help,” said Miyoko Sakashita, our Oceans program director. “But if we don’t get rules to rein in this booming commercial trade, it’ll continue to be a major threat to survival of these shellfish.”

Learn more in our press release.


800-year-old Trees on the Chopping Block: Take Action

Alaska’s Tongass National Forest contains some of the largest tracts of temperate old-growth rainforest left in the world. It’s stunningly beautiful, it helps mitigate climate change — and it’s the newest target in Trump’s war against public lands.

The administration is proposing exempting or weakening protections given to the Tongass by what’s known as the “roadless rule” — a policy that’s protected much of our remaining wild, road-free public forests from damaging logging and roadbuilding. If the proposed changes go through, the Tongass would be logged and bulldozed to build roads. This would harm habitat for bear, moose and salmon and set a dangerous precedent that could lead to road construction in our other last wild forests.

Tell the U.S. Forest Service to keep roadless areas in the Tongass protected.


Another Wolf Killed in Washington State

Washington state continues to wipe out its wolves. On Friday a sharpshooter shot the adult female of the Old Profanity Territory pack, just weeks after killing one of the pack’s 5-month-old pups.

Washington has 1.1 million cattle and 122 wolves. Yet in the past six years, the state has killed 21 wolves — 17 of them for the same livestock owner.

“Washington’s execution of wolves has reached new depths of senselessness,” said the Center’s Amaroq Weiss.

Please give now to our Wolf Defense Fund so we can put an end to this kind of slaughter.


Supreme Court Nixes Attack on Grand Canyon Uranium Ban

Grand news for the Grand Canyon: The Supreme Court just rejected an industry challenge to the 20-year ban on new uranium mining in and around the canyon.

The Havasupai Tribe and a coalition of conservation groups, including the Center, campaigned to win the ban — and we’ve been defending it for years.

“These spectacular public lands deserve permanent protection from dangerous uranium mining,” said the Center’s Taylor McKinnon. Get more from Fronteras.


Trump Administration: 2100 Will Be 7 Degrees Warmer

President Trump denies the reality of climate change and dismisses the desperate need for action — but his policy analysts know better.

Buried in a 500-page document about Trump’s weakening of fuel-efficiency standards for cars and light trucks, there lies a prediction by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration scientists that by century’s end, we’ll see a 7-degree Fahrenheit temperature rise if the world takes no meaningful action to curb carbon pollution. That number has actually been used as a justification for doing nothing, essentially saying the planet’s fate is sealed.

But such a temperature rise would bring catastrophe: millions of people displaced by rising seas, superstorms, and massive species extinctions. Most world leaders have agreed to try to keep warming to less than 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit.

Read details in The Washington Post.


Wild & Weird: Something to Crow About

For more than 2 million years, the native forests of the islands of Guam and Rota were home to several thousand Mariana crows, a species found nowhere else on Earth. But over the past 60 years, the crows have disappeared from Guam and rapidly declined on Rota. Now only about 175 are left.

But a recent project brings hope for these beautiful birds: Using eggs collected from the wild, researchers have raised several Mariana crows past the period of highest mortality and released them. And because females generally lay another set of eggs when a nest fails, the project could double the number of broods in a year.

Check out footage of the first captive-reared Mariana crows foraging in the wild on Facebook or YouTube

Soldiers, butchers and murderers


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by Helmut F. Kaplan*

The war must also be abolished because it presupposes that humans are made soldiers, that is, human killing machines.
And, according to experience, these killing machines can not be put down safely and immediately after the war.
They become part of society and represent a constant danger to this society.
It often happens after war that former soldiers, who had been trained to kill, live out their killing impulses, even outside the war. The training of soldiers means the production of time bombs.

Soldat mit Kind

And even slaughterhouses must be abolished, among other things, because of these relationships. Because slaughterers are also human killing machines, which often fail to kill their killing impulses outside the slaughterhouse safely and immediately. Again and again, animal butchers become murderers of humans.

Hand mit Messer und Blut_n

We can systematically remove people’s killing inhibition.
W can train them to start killing. But we can not determine where and when they stop killing.

Who makes people murderers, should not be surprised if people remain murderers.

(Translation: Venus with best regards)

*Helmut F. Kaplan is an Austrian animal ethicist and philosopher