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Korean Dogs – October Newsletter; Actions, Video etc.

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Despite the fact that dog and cat meat consumption is an everyday occurrence and is being carried out all over South Korea, it is NOT LEGAL in that country. Their Government does nothing to stop this illegal practice and they seem happy to ignore it; many Korean citizens are just as apathetic and must also be held accountable.

A renowned university as a murder field!


Cornell University is an American private university and has its main campus in Ithaca, New York. Like Harvard University, Yale University and Princeton University, it is one of the Ivy League’s eight universities and one of the world’s most prestigious universities (Wikipedia).

gestochenes Reh.jpg

Cornell University is allowing bowhunters into Sapsucker Woods—its 226-acre wildlife “sanctuary”—in a misguided effort to control deer populations.

Not only is the plan unethical, it will also fail.

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Execution from the air!

The wilde horses, also do not have a simple life on this earth!



First, 45,000 wild horses in the United States should be euthanized and now in the land of 160 million sheep and 24 million cattle australian wild horses from the air to be killed.
Millions of sheep and cattle – it does not take much imagination to imagine what these millions of animals can do on the fragile ecosystem of dry soil. Anyone who has ever traveled through Australia, has seen it with his own eyes. Added to this is the enormous cultivation of sugarcane. Large amounts of fertilizer and pesticides are washed from the sugar cane acreage over streams and rivers into the sea and endanger the Great Barrier Reef.


Nevertheless: The government of the Australian capital Canberra is considering the killing of wild horses from the air.  With the excuse, wild horses could pollute the drinking water sources.

And now the environment minister of Canberra Mick Gentleman says the wild horses population could increase when wild horses from the protected Kosciuszko National Park cross the borders to Namadgi National Park.
Currently, horses arriving in the Canberras area are trapped, sedated and then shot.

He is worried that the wild horses of Kosciuszko pollute the catchment area of Cotter, Canberra’s most important drinking water source, if they crossed the border. “We know that the horses go into the water and that they can destroy boundaries of watercourses. The impact on us could be serious. We know that horses do not know our limits” he says.

It is easier to blame the wild horses if the groundwater is dirty or the delicate sward is destroyed.
In part, wild horses are shot in large numbers by helicopter, if possible so that no one sees.

Wildpferde mit Helikopter gejagt
In May of this year, a killing of 6,000 animals had been averted at the last minute, but now the agricultural lobby seems to be making strong, because the first pillar of Australian agriculture is sheep farming followed by cattle breeding.

In May 2018 it had been said that the wild horses, also called “Brumbies”, were an important part of the tradition in the region for almost 200 years and the government wanted to protect and resettle them. There have been heated debates in the media in Australia on this topic.


Briefmarke mit Brumiespeg (Please sign the petition)

My comment: The fascist naturalness, with which criminal governments and their lobbies decide on the rights of animals, only shows which dictatorial system determines our everyday live.

The meat industry, the farma owners, the slaughterers, the hunters … a whole mafia that lives at the expense of “useful” animals, uses every dirty excuse and propaganda to execute the life of (still) free living horses.
Of course we have to mention the equally dirty targets of the politicians, who count on votes and advantages if they support the agrarian lobby.
It takes enormous potential for nerves to endure this fascism of everyday life.

My best regards to all, Venus

Additional info from Mark:

Maybe the Aus government; of which there have been many recently; are being sent a message by the electorate.  Wild horses, live animal exports, etc; the worm has turned and it really is time that the ‘government’ woke up and started to listen to the voices of the Australian people.  If they don’t; then this could be a clear sign of what happens.

Australia’s ruling coalition suffered a “catastrophic” loss in a crucial by-election on Saturday that has left prime minister Scott Morrison without a parliamentary majority.

In a stunning result that looms as the worst swing against a government in Australian history, an independent candidate, Dr Kerryn Phelps, won a comfortable victory against her Liberal opponent, Dave Sharma, in the Sydney seat of Wentworth.

Idaho ‘Wildlife Officer’ Slaughters Entire Baboon Family With Bow And Arrow. Demand He Is Prosecuted.


WAV Comment – 

So that’s it is it ? – he resigns from his job.  What does he now do ? – continue to kill without being punished ? –  we think this needs to be taken a lot further than it currently seems to be.


PETITION TARGET: Idaho Governor Butch Otter

It’s a photograph that makes your stomach turn: Idaho wildlife officer Blake Fischer beams as he displays the lifeless bodies of an entire family of baboons, joyful at the massacre of the animals he has just brutally slain with a bow and arrow. The smallest baboon has blood leaking from its stomach, evidence of the fresh, fatal wound.

“So I shot a whole family of baboons,” Fischer boasted in an email he sent to over 100 people.

On this bloody hunting trip in Namibia, Fischer and his wife shot and killed over 14 animals, including giraffes, leopards, antelopes, and impalas. He then posed proudly with his slain victims.

The cruelty is sickening enough on its own. But even worse is that Fisher serves on the Idaho Fish and Game Commission, making decisions that affect wildlife throughout the state — including decisions about hunting regulations for grizzly bears, wolves and other animals often killed as “trophies.” This man has no business serving as a wildlife official, and should be immediately dismissed.

Sign this petition to urge Idaho Governor Butch Otter to fight for Fischer’s resignation. This cold-hearted killer should never have a position where he is responsible for wildlife again. We need to make it clear that trophy hunting is unacceptable, and killing animals is nothing to smile about.

UPDATE: We are thrilled to announce that, upon request of the governor, Blake Fischer has resigned from his position. We applaud Governor Otter for taking action, and implore him to treat all cases of animal cruelty with the severity they deserve.


Petition link –

Romania: Portrays Himself As ‘Jeckyll’, The Child Lover; But In Reality He Is ‘Hyde’ – The Mass Animal Killer.



Reproduced from our other site – SAV – January 2013.

Portraying himself as the ‘Jekyll’ child lover; exposed as the ‘Hyde’ Mass Animal Murderer.

A person who enjoys witnessing, and takes great delight in the deaths of animals.


Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is the original title of a novella written by the famous Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson that was first published in 1886. The work is commonly known today as The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, or simply Jekyll & Hyde.It is about a London lawyer named Gabriel John Utterson who investigates strange occurrences between his old friend, Dr Henry Jekyll,and the evil Edward Hyde.

The work is commonly associated with the rare mental condition often spuriously called “split personality”, referred to in psychiatry as dissociative identity disorder, where within the same body there exists more than one distinct personality.In this case, there are two personalities within Dr Jekyll, one apparently good and the other evil; completely opposite levels of morality. The novella’s impact is such that it has become a part of the language, with the very phrase “Jekyll and Hyde” coming to mean a person who is vastly different in moral character from one situation to the next.


The Portrait of a Mass Dog Catcher and Killer … Barbulescu Flavius from Brasov, Romania

Barbulescu Flavius Dumitru, the Dog Catcher in Chief in BRASOV, is fascinated by the “big numbers”.

To kill a “big number“ of dogs (not less than 30,000, of which over 8,000 only in 2008 and 2009, since the Euhtanasia is BANNED) and, as he stipulated at a Conference for The Protection of Animals in München (where he went on funds given by some associations) that he killed a big number (26,000 until 2008) which appalled everybody.

It looked for him that Germans do not understand the symbolism of the “big number”, that they feel like one dead animal is an act of cruelty but a “big number” ( 26,000 -3 0,000) dead animals are only a statistic.

Barbulescu Flavius Dumitru is an “ ideological “ dog catcher.

He is not content with torturing and killing dogs, he wants to convince the nation that the torture and the killing of dogs if not a simple Dog Catching act…it is a “science” a “doctrine” a “way”…

This is why he speaks (like a zoo-technician) about “heads” when he refers to dogs, and seals all declarations (as stupid as it might be) with the formula “based on the legislation in force”, and continuously propagates his inept statements in the local media, invoking “the state institutions“ he presents him self always in his uniform and hates the word “dog catcher“, which he wants to eliminate from the Romanian Language.

In fact, he doesn’t even manage a “dog catching“ service,
he manages the Public Service for the Management of Animals (SPGA – Brasov).

He does not have in his subordination any “dog catcher”….only “inspectors” whose brains he washed by demonstrating them “scientifically“ that dog catchers do not exist anymore, they disappeared like the dinosaurs, long time ago.

Barbulescu Flavius is an accomplished manager. “The Public Service“ which he manages is located in a luminous centre, modern furniture, laminated flooring, a desk for the Director, a bright label with his name on the door, air conditioning, computers, a secretary with eye glasses (wife of an “ inspector”) an exotic plant and a jurist who uselessly wears the same uniform as the dog catchers.

As for the Dog shelter which he manages, a filthy den (scraped in a former pig farm, with humid area, darken, smelling like death, without any surgery room, without recovery room, without running water) he got “brilliant certificates“ and authorizations: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Barbulescu Flavius likes the army, the police and the fire fighters and he likes to believe that dog catching is a kind of urban guerilla and he wants to be seen as the “generous commander“.

He dresses up his dog catchers in military uniforms reminiscent of the “blackshirts” the “ brown shirts” or the “green shirts”, they get pins and they have guns with tranquilizers and vials with Ketamine (a risk drug); he says nothing when the “boys” drink during the working program, and he blesses them with lots of gasoline coupons.
From time to time he lets the “inspectors” play games on the secretary’s computers and gives them some whisky and approves them to party with expired
sausages received for free from the supermarkets (of course for the dogs).

Black SUV Mitsubishi L200
Barbulescu Flavius has built a beautiful villa for him self, drives an Black SUV Mitsubishi L200,(given to him by the Local City council) to which he can attach or detach (based on how discrete he wants to be) some magnetic yellow plates (112 SGA) and until 2010 he managed to bring his entire family in the service he manages. His father (retired) was the “chief inspector”, his father-in-law “care taker” in the shelter and his brother ( or a short time, because he did not liked it) “inspector”.

Between 2001 and 2010, when they killed around 500 dogs per month, Barbulescu Flavius could rely on the “veterinarian specialized personnel“: The veterinarian SABAU CRISTIAN and the veterinary technician MOLDOVAN DORIN. Sabau Cristian is an “innocent character“ he is about 53 years old, of which 10 were spent studying at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, never castrated, never treated any animal, he “identified in the shelter a “miniature Saint-Bernard” and when asked why he never treated any dog he used to shout : “don’t you understand that the City Hall has no money, sir, has nooooo money“. Basically Mr. Sabau was introduced in the “system” by ENACHE DORIN, the Director of the DSVSA (Direction of Sanitary-Veterynary Authority Brasov) to give Barbulescu Flaviusa PUPPET, to invent diagnostics and to sign the so-called “euthanasia papers “.

The veterinary technician MOLDOVAN DORIN, Barbulescu’s most trusted buddy, his number one accomplice, has fun castrating piglets without anaesthesia (for his buddies who did not wan tto pay a veterinarian) he falsified many times the diagnostics, he himself shoved the syringe with T61 in the hearts of thousands of “heads” (also instead of the veterinarian) and of course, he also builds a two stories house, for himself as any dog catcher.

Before the “euthanasia” Barbulescu Flavius, gave those 30,000 “heads”/animals, the “chance” to die by them selves: he let them suffocate in the “coffins on wheels” of the SPGA ( where they struggled to breath through some wholes done with a borer let then starve to death for weeks, without water for days, no vaccines, no treatment after being exposed to the viruses in his filthy shelter, he let them bite one another and let the wounds get infected, let them give birth in the mud and eat their puppies. And because most of them stubbornly decided not to die, he gave the order to the “veterinary personnel” to kill them, and then if they still have some time left, and ink in their pens, to diagnose then in bulk, with his 4 favourite “incurable diseases” :

– mamita (instead of Mastitis),
– mange (demodicie …here any skin condition)
– chronic enteritis
– casexis

The “Professional veterinary personnel “ subordinated to Barbulescu Flavius, took pride with “remarkable performances”.

SABAU CRISTIAN said that he managed to euthanise 131–210 animals in 3-4 hours (number for which any other veterinarian would need at least 11-17 hours) and he also identified some animals with unique and unrepeatable ailments amongst those caught by the “inspectors”.

By example: he found some males suffering of MASTITIS (inflammation of the mammary glands) some puppies suffering of senility …and some living corpses.

Fearing that these diseases could be transmitted rapidly to other animals, they rushed the dead animals to PROTAN to be incinerated.

At 39 years old, Barbulescu Flavius, speaks very proudly about his “career”. He looks very nostalgic and with envy in the same time at the photo of Simona Panaitescu (the goddess of the Romanian dog catching, with 140,000 dogs killed in her career) photo which is placed on his desk like the Icon of the Virgin Mary, he meditates upon the glorious times between 2002 and 2009 (when he massacred 500 dogs per month, sustains that SPGA Brasov is most efficient service in the country, that he caught and killed dogs from 5 counties (Brasov, Covasna, Harghita, Mures, Suceava, Alba) when he had contracts with tens of towns and when he became the only hope Scripcaru (Mayor of Brasov) had to a “bite” from the “budgetary excedent” (he brought 130,000 Lei/year, only 10% from what he spent, but still…)

To his close ones he unveils his plans for the future. He dreams of killing dogs for 25 more years, and also to expand his actions in 10 more counties and to retire after a massa euthanasia of at least 250 dogs.

Barbulescu Flavius cannot sleep also because of his “legislator vocation”. HE IS THE AUTHOR of the original and countless modified versions, supplemented with the most inept amendments of the Regulation number 66/1999 “about the ownership of domestic animals and birds“ in Brasov (by far the most illegal and unconstitutional and inept By-Law from the city council in Brasov in the last 15 years.



But Barbulescu Flavius did not stop here.

He felt the inner impulse to go farther and he went in place where no other dog catcher ever dreamt to set foot. He got next to the Prefect of Bucharest Mihai Atanasoaei din Senator Iulian Urban.

Surrounded by these “mentors” Barbulescu Flavius has discovered the “call of the law” and in the vicinity with Urban he understood that the Law for the Protection of Animals had to beabrogated, urgently, because it bans the euthanasia and because it transforms the cruelty against animals in infraction…Atanasoaie “inspired “ him to understand that the “Law for the management of strays needed to be “updated” (to neutralize the “curse” of the ban of the euthanasia) and “improved” by allowing the “hack” of dogs after 2-3 days if they could be deemed: aggressive, sick, unrecoverable, dangerous, unidentified, identified, left free, lost, stolen etc), and also to “kill” the adoption (in order to maintain as many animals as possible in shelters as “raw material “ for the profitable process of euthanasia/incineration) and to boost the powers to the troglodyte dog catching services giving them the right to FINE from 5,000= to 10,000 lei for all sort of abhorrent things, some of which with no connection to the law, what so ever.

Barbulescu Flavius detests the civil society, detests the associations for the protection of animals about which he says that they have NO right to control him not to monitor him, especially if they have no intention to feed the animals in his shelters, to treat them, to help him euthanise them and to accept inept protocols from which only he has something to gain.

BARBULESCU FLAVIUS has broken all the laws.

There are none to have escaped from being stumped upon. From the tens of laws and regulations which intersected his activities, until today he has committed at least one infraction every three days and at least three contraventions per day.


Brasov 1


In a short summary he has:

– killed between 7,700 to 10,000 dogs since their killing has become an offence;
– he killed in horrible pain thousands of animals (first years after 2002);
he took animals by force from people’s yard or from some institutions yards;
– he took, at the demand others the dogs from people’s yards and institutions yards,
he did not feed the animals, did not treat them did not vaccinate them against rabies;
– did not disinfect the shelter, he falsified the diagnostics for the so-called “euthanasia”;
– he abusively forbade the access to the public and the civil society in the shelters;
– he killed dogs in their kennels (and not in the surgical room);
– he left to die in horrible pains animals who really did not have any chance of survival;
he suffocated the dogs in his trailers;
he tranquilized all dogs, small, large, aggressive, non aggressive, although only a veterinarian has the right to do so;
– he used too small dosage during the euthanasia,
he killed dogs without euthanasia;
he refused to return dogs who have been claimed and refused to give them for adoption;
– he got and used high risk drugs without having the right to do so;
he bought huge quantities of tranquilizers and lethal substances without medical prescription;
– he transported cadavers in cars without authorization for the transport of dead animals;
– he transported dogs for more than 160 km in cars which where authorized only for 65 km;
– he registered hundreds of dogs as adopted in the place where euthanasied dogs were supposed to be registered;
– he refused the presence of animal protection associations to the actions of capture, shelter, vaccination, euthanasia (Art 11 from the law regarding the management of strays);
– he broke the law regarding the arms and ammunition by using arms with tranquilizers without authorization;
– he broke the law regarding animals from areas declared with rabies infestation, by taking them to the shelter in Stupini-Brasov;
– he made false declarations (in many penal cases) …etc, etc, etc

rom terror 2

Barbulescu Flavius has 8 legal complains filed against him and tens of other reports, at the DSVSA, ANSVSA and Police.

Yet, his superiors (he dwarfs from the garden of the mayor Scripcaru – who also are members of the municipal council) never gave any sign, at least for the eyes of the public, to even ask him what is going on at the SPGA.

Barbulescu Flavius is a media monster, which has the local media at his fingers tips. By example, if he wants to call a press conference to announce everybody that his “inspectors” will change the winter uniforms with the summer ones, there will be at least a dozen of “grasshoppers” from Rtt, Realitatea, TVS , Antena 1 Brasov or BB, ready to sip his words.

Every time the DVS decides to show us the “fox with rabies”(which is it said to have been kept in their freezers for ten years) and they want now to declare quarantine, in less than one hour, the space around him is full with microphones, camera, notebooks, and inept question


In the last ten years since the dog catcher in chief has erupted in the local media, tens of journalists flock around him, groomed him and embalmed him like the mummy of Tutankhamon and in the same time have destroyed his enemies.

These are a few of his journalists followers, fans of Barbulescu Silviu:
Liviu Cioineag,
Vifor Rotar,
Dan Ghita,
Paul Petrosel,
Silvana Enache sau
Daniel Giurma.

Barbulescu Silviu believes with ardour in authorities and in their unshakable commitment to save him from all his foul tricks.

He has confidence in Commissioner MIRCEA POPA “boys” and in the Director Enache Dorin Valter’s“ inspectors “ who know how to white-wash “responsibly” the traces of his frauds, and to let the proves disappear between fingers, like magicians and then they put on all files the well known NUP.

He hopes that the prosecutors and the judges will confirm the Not-Guilty stamps put on his files, based on the “benefit of the doubt “in dubio pro reo” as if it was visible from afar that this “doubt” is the constant refusal of the police to put him under a serious investigation.

And to dissipate all doubts that there is a doubt” which gives them advantage, Barbulescu Flavius and Moldovan Dorin, polish their boots, iron their uniforms and come in front of the judge, grave but dignified, like war veterans who after a life of sacrifices, came to be humiliated and insulted by some pranks.

The German ARD TV station has shown a documentary on Dec. 8th 2012 about the machinations of Romanian dog catchers titled “a dog’s life in (Ro) shelters)”

… TV-Mitschnitt      (link to TV recording)

It is not different in Brasov Stupin: (Caution – cruel scenes from 2011)

… Video

At this moment some 250 dogs suffer in Brasov Stupin!

Current videos from 30.11. 2012:  (WARNING – Distressing Scenes of animal suffering)

… Video 1

… Video 2

… Video 3

… Video 4

… Video 5

… Video 6

… Video 7

… Video 8

No Fair Play for street dogs: Rasnov disposes of all dogs in the run-up to the “European Youth Olympic Festival” in February 2013.

… Video

The machinations of the dog catcher mafia slams the breaks on animal welfare in Romania

… Current situation in Brasov in August 2012

… Report on current situation in Brasov May 2012

… Report by Petra Zipp (BMT) of 04. May 2012 (with Protest addresses)

… Protest Newsletter 04-2012 (online Protest)

… Letter to the city of Codlea

… Reaction of the city of Codlea

… Letter to town council of Brasov





Brasov 3

Friends help friends!




A herd of lions has eaten several suspected rhino poachers in a nature reserve in South Africa. Park guards at the Sibuya Private Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape discovered human bones, clothing and equipment.The lions spotted and tore the invaders and ate them up. More than the shoes of poatchers did not leave the big cats behind.

In addition to body parts Park guards found, among other things, a rifle with silencer, an ax and three pairs of shoes. With the ax the horns should be cut off the rhinos.

The Sibuya Game Reserve went out because of the shoes and clothing scraps of at least three poachers, who had probably targeted rhinos. Apparently, they accidentally got in the way of the six-lion pack, as reserve owner Fox explained. The intruders came to the reserve on Monday night. Dogs specialized in hunting poachers still attacked at night.

“The lions are our guardians and protectors. The poachers picked the wrong pack and became a meal, “said Nick Fox, 60, owner of Sibuya Private Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape.

Although Mr. Fox saddened the hunters’ death, he made it clear: “The poachers came here to kill our animals. And that sends the clear message to all other poachers that they will not always be the winners”!

White-Rhino5The poachers probably had it on white rhinos apart (archive picture). Copyright: IMAGO


As a precaution, an armed park attendant will accompany the safari vehicles until further notice. Whether the killed had more accomplices remained unclear at first.

The police are still investigating, said police spokeswoman Govender.In South Africa, about 1,000 rhinos are killed each year by poachers. The horns are sold mainly to Asia, where they – as an ingredient of traditional medicine – a fortune is paid.

My comment: Why can not animals get such meals every day?
WE torture animals every day in millions, because WE see them as our meals!

Because our underdeveloped morality says: This is normal, they are just animals and their function is to torture and eat them. No one would think of bringing to the newspaper the slaughter of a cow or the torture of a pig in the boiling water as a sensational message. As soon as three criminals want to assassinate innocent animals and are fairly punished by their conspecifics, this is sold as a human tragedy.

I hope the lions had a good and vitamin-rich meal!

My best regards, Venus