Day: October 22, 2018

USA: Help Pass Prop 12 And Give Animals In Confinement Some Decent Legislation.


Americans are less than three weeks from Election Day—and everyone in the U.S., not just Californians, can help pass Prop 12.

This historic measure would guarantee that all egg-laying hens, pigs used for breeding, and calves used for veal in California be free from severe confinement in small, cruel cages. The law would also mandate that all eggs, pork, and veal sold in California come from farms that meet this standard.

Measures like Prop 12 are crucial, since not a single federal law protects animals during their lives at factory farms. Most egg-laying hens and mother pigs in the U.S. are kept in enclosures so small the animals are unable to even turn around.


See for yourself

Prop 12 enjoys the support of dozens of leading animal protection organizations and humane societies, nearly 500 California veterinarians, the Center for Food Safety, Sierra Club of California, and more.

There are several ways animal advocates can help Prop 12 pass.

  • Sign up to volunteer! There are several opportunities to help get voters to the polls, even if you don’t live in California. Sign up here to help give a voice to farmed animals.
  • Email MFA volunteer coordinator Eve at for special volunteer opportunities and to join Eve’s month-long Prop 12 Task Force.
  • Donate to prevent cruelty to farmed animals.
  • Message all your friends and family in California and encourage them to vote YES on Prop 12! You can quickly find everyone you know in California by simply searching “My friends who live in California” on Facebook.
  • Get social! Share this blog post and content from the Yes on 12 campaign’s social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

And remember, you can fight for farmed animals every single day simply by boycotting the industry that abuses them. Click here to learn more about switching to a compassionate vegan diet.



One Angry Vegan – Winner; Best Documentary Film.


Chelsea Film Festival Awards 2018-

Kudos to ONE ANGRY VEGAN – Winner of Best Documentary Feature at the Chelsea Film Festival !!!!

Best Documentary ONE ANGRY VEGAN by Gil Golan

“I really loved the film and the panel talk was really great–Nora did such a great job with questions. I was particularly happy that one of the people in the audience asking questions about documenting abuse was able to be helped by John who already knew about that situation. Thanks so much for the complimentary wine! You did a great job putting the event together–how wonderful to have this film show at the Chelsea Film Festival! I saw on Facebook that One Angry Vegan won Best Documentary at the Chelsea Film Festival? The post was in Hebrew so I couldn’t read it but I saw an award. Can you confirm that? Thrilling news if that is true!!!”


USA: Bear Cub Stuck in Plastic Jug for Three Days. Take Your Plastic Home And Dispose Of It Properly.



Bear Cub Stuck in Plastic Jug for Three Days

Posted by Carly Day | October 20, 2018


Image Credit: Maryland Dept of Natural Resources

Just days after reporting on the devastating viral photo of a deer in Spain with its head trapped in a plastic jug, we received heartbreaking reports of a male bear cub in Maryland that suffered from the same fate.

Luckily for the 100-pound black bear, the Maryland Department of Human Resources – Wildlife & Heritage Service were able to locate the animal, tranquilize him and remove the jar — but only after the terrified animal spent three days stumbling around, unable to eat or drink.

The cub — affectionately nicknamed “Buckethead” by rescuers — was reunited with his mother and sibling once he recovered.

Although this case was resolved without any loss of life or injury, it is a sobering reminder of the huge impact that careless human behavior has on precious wildlife.

The tragedy of plastic trash in the world’s oceans is well documented, taking the lives of thousands of marine mammals and fish every year, but our waste problem isn’t limited to the sea; there are increasing cases of land mammals dying from our trash habits every year.

Two Oceans Aquarium report that half of the camels that die on the Arabian Peninsula every year perish due to health issues caused by consuming plastic bags. This year, an Indian elephant died after eating plastic shopping bags and several reindeer in Norway were killed after becoming entangled in discarded fishing nets.

Not only are these kinds of death unnecessary, but they are also often protracted and painful. Some animals — like the black bear in our story — get trapped in plastic and may be unable to eat or breath, or become entangled in waste materials which cause injuries, infection and a slow death. Others ingest trash, causing impaction and starvation.

Plastic is an epic, worldwide problem that must be dealt with before it’s too late. Data tells us that shoppers in the United States use an average of one plastic bag per person every day, as opposed to progressive countries like Denmark, where each person uses an estimated four plastic bags per year.

The cases that we see are only the tip of the iceberg, and it’s up to every individual to act now to start making a difference, starting in our own backyard.

Spain: On The Subject Of Torturing Bulls ….


16 People, Including 4 Children, Injured at Spanish Bullfighting Festival

Posted by Carly Day | October 21, 2018

 bullfight oct 18

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons – Marcus Obal

Sixteen people were injured last week in the Badajoz province of Extremadura, Spain after one of the animals destined for use in a bullfighting festival escaped from its enclosure. Among the injured were four children, ranging in age from only 18 months to six years. Five of the injuries — including those of a four-year-old boy — were serious enough to warrant a trip to the hospital. The fate of the bull involved in the incident is unclear.

This is the latest in a recent string of horrific injuries associated with the “traditional” torture of bulls throughout the country. In July this year, 28 people were injured at the San Fermin running of the bulls festival in Pamplona.

This week, deeply shocking footage was released of a bull dragging itself along the ground after breaking both its back legs during a festival in Spain.

There is very little legislation surrounding this horrific blood sport in the country; many of the nation’s animal welfare laws don’t apply, as the practice is protected by law under the  Spanish Constitution as part of “the right to literary, artistic, scientific and technical production and creation.”

Different areas such as Catalan and the Balearic Islands have attempted to introduce legislation banning bullfighting, or add measures to protect the bulls, but these cases are yet to be decided by the courts.

While Spain’s government debate the cultural value of this archaic and torturous sport, bulls and humans alike will continue to be injured and die due to these inhumane interactions.

It’s time to stop talking about it and take action. Join the 15,000 people who have signed our petition calling for a ban on bullfighting today.






“Burning bull”: the resurrection of the Middle Ages.




In the second week of November, each year takes place a torture act in the city of Medinaceli, in Spain, which reminds us strongly of the Middle Ages.

Toro jubilo-n-jpg

Tar lumps are glued to the horns of a bull, and then the mob sets fire on it.
“Toro de Fuego” – the “burning bull”-, the animal is called solemn and shortly thereafter is hunted through the streets. The bulls are in such pain that they run against walls in a desperate attempt to extinguish the fire. But no chance: the fire burns them for hours the horns, the eyes, the body. Because tar is not easy to extinguish: it’s a sticky lump of tar or turpentine. A sight that would make civilized and empathetic people shudder.

The barbaric scenes can be seen in video.


This perverse form of “culture” and “tradition” is being clapped, cheered and celebrated by brain-sick proletarians.

If one is enthusiastic and can enjoy, how an innocent and completely defenseless animal suffers and is tortured with fire to death, one is no more than a miserable monster, and has not even earned his own human rights.

At the end of the barbaric spectacle, the victim either succumbs to his injuries or is killed for a subsequent feast dinner!


As the Pisa study shows, Spain is at the back end of education in Europe; This is also noticeable in the fact, that traditions from the Middle Ages are perceived with enthusiasm, which would only scare and disgust every other educated person.

Animal welfare organizations such as ‘PETA’ have long been campaigning against animal feast festivals like this one. But the use bears little fruit.

PETA has launched an online petition since 2014. Please sign!

My best regards, Venus