One Angry Vegan – Winner; Best Documentary Film.


Chelsea Film Festival Awards 2018-

Kudos to ONE ANGRY VEGAN – Winner of Best Documentary Feature at the Chelsea Film Festival !!!!

Best Documentary ONE ANGRY VEGAN by Gil Golan

“I really loved the film and the panel talk was really great–Nora did such a great job with questions. I was particularly happy that one of the people in the audience asking questions about documenting abuse was able to be helped by John who already knew about that situation. Thanks so much for the complimentary wine! You did a great job putting the event together–how wonderful to have this film show at the Chelsea Film Festival! I saw on Facebook that One Angry Vegan won Best Documentary at the Chelsea Film Festival? The post was in Hebrew so I couldn’t read it but I saw an award. Can you confirm that? Thrilling news if that is true!!!”


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