Day: October 9, 2018

International Competition in Cruelty!



While half a million cows have been slaughtered in the dairy industry in the US to raise milk prices, and despite the fact that there is too much milk on the market, it continues to invest heavily in mega cases.
The Chinese government is striving to build more megastars with large livestock units, and plans to build the largest dairy farm in Europe are currently causing great excitement in northern Spain.

The factory near Zaragoza is said to have 20,000 dairy cows!!

But it is still bigger and crazier! A German has around 30,000 cows in the stable in Russia, and in Brazil a Dutchman plans a stable for 1 million cows. In the desert state of Saudi Arabia, there is a megastall with 50,000 cows. (see the video)

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