International Competition in Cruelty!



While half a million cows have been slaughtered in the dairy industry in the US to raise milk prices, and despite the fact that there is too much milk on the market, it continues to invest heavily in mega cases.
The Chinese government is striving to build more megastars with large livestock units, and plans to build the largest dairy farm in Europe are currently causing great excitement in northern Spain.

The factory near Zaragoza is said to have 20,000 dairy cows!!

But it is still bigger and crazier! A German has around 30,000 cows in the stable in Russia, and in Brazil a Dutchman plans a stable for 1 million cows. In the desert state of Saudi Arabia, there is a megastall with 50,000 cows. (see the video)

Incidentally, the largest dairy farm is not in Germany, but in Saudi Arabia!
– There are 50 000 cows in the dairy farm Al Safi Farm!!
The forage plants are grown on an area of ten square kilometers. The daily production is around 800 000 liters.
One liter of milk in the desert requires one hundred liters of water!
Around 250 milking employees look after the 50,000 dairy cows in 22-hour operation.
There are breaks only for prayer and for two meals.
Four times a day, each cow goes to one of the seven milking lines and delivers an average of 41 liters of milk per animalthe leader gives 70 liters of milk a day. The seven “baby departments” have an average of 60 newborn calves a day.


However, Saudi Arabia also gets dried milk products from Germany. Dried milk products are also exported to Indonesia and Algeria.

The EU wants to boost meat consumption with 15 million euros. Eggs come from Ukraine and Argentina, the poultry from Brazil and Thailand because it is cheap, and soon there will be hormone meat from the USA.
That’s how it looks.

If the consumer wants organic products, he has to be satisfied with the imported goods, because these are only slightly cultivated in Germany.

The consequences of cheap milk – More and more cows are landing on the slaughterhouse, and yet mega-cases are being built!

Only recently, the EU supported the dairy farmers with 500 million euros – 14 cents per liter for NON-produced milk! On the other side turbo cows: veterinarians speak of “tormenting”.
The animals would be required to provide services that they could not provide in the long term. For decades! The result: high performance and turbo cows.


China: Construction of more mega milk stables

The dairy farm Mudanjiang in northeastern China is still under construction, but will eventually supply 100,000 dairy cows. It becomes the largest dairy farm in the world. The cost of the project called “Chinese-Russian Exemplary Park in Agriculture” is about 137 million euros. The feed for the animals is to be grown on about 100,000 hectares of land in China and Russia. If the whole thing is a success after the first phase from 2015 to 2018, the plan is to lease another 200,000 hectares of Russian land.

In 2015, announced: The Dutchman Kees Koolen, wants to invest his assets in a megafarm in Brazil as a co-founder. The dairy farm is said to be the largest in the world. In the initial phase, 100,000 cows should give one million liters of milk per day. The possibility of enlargement should remain in order to reach the goal of 4 million liters of milk per day later. The cows have not yet been bought by Koolen, but there are 31,000 hectares of land in Bahía, a state in eastern Brazil. Milk production should start in 2016.


My comment: 500 000 dairy cows were slaughtered in the US to create an artificial milk shortage for higher prices!!

A world of psychopaths who are investing and enriching themselves with infinite and cruel animal suffering.
And on the other hand, a manipulable mass of consumers looting the earth, gambling away the future of their children, and cooperating in preserving the hell of the most defenseless and most innocent of this planet.

The mass is the product of state and media propaganda.
And all of us, we support the crimes of the big corporations.
We have sold our freedom to Nestlé and to every other mafia mogul, we have no self-reliance, no self-thinking, we have given up our humanity and are just trying to go with the flow because that provides a simple life.

The milk and meat mafias have managed to finance the suffering in this world with our money and our passive approval.
And that gives us the illusion of prosperity and freedom.

My best regards to all, Venus

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