Day: October 27, 2018

2 Petitions – Please Sign and Crosspost – Dogs Deserve Justice.

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SIGN: Justice for Puppy Tied in Plastic Bag and Dumped Like Trash

PETITION TARGET: Armagh County Police Service

SIGN: Justice for Puppy Tied in Plastic Bag and Dumped Like Trash

A tiny, helpless, four-week-old puppy was found in County Armagh, Northern Ireland tied up in a plastic bag and thrown onto the side of the road like trash.

Two youngsters discovered the puppy when they heard feeble cries coming from the bushes along the roadside in the village of Bessbrook.



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Dogs Reportedly Hung From Tree and Beaten to Death Deserve Justice


Two dogs were apparently tortured and beaten to death in a sad case of animal cruelty.

Video footage reportedly shows two men dragging the dogs with a rope and hanging them from a tree, where the dogs were then apparently cut with pruning shears and beaten to death with sticks.

Demand justice for these poor animals.









USA: Cruel Lab Testing on Primates in the U.S. Hits All-Time High.



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Cruel Lab Testing on Primates in the U.S. Hits All-Time High

Posted by Carly Day | October 24, 2018

The New England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS) has released shocking new findings on the exploitation of primates in animal testing in the US, revealing that the number used in medical research has hit a record high.

An astonishing 75,825 primates were being held in testing facilities in the country at the end of 2017. This alarming number lies in stark contrast to the increasing percentage of Americans who oppose medical testing on animals — 46 percent, with even higher percentages in opposition to testing on non-human primates.

Looking deeper into these figures, NEAVS found that the number of primates used in testing has increased by 15 percent, while the number of people who oppose animal testing has risen by 13 percent.

“Polls consistently show that a clear majority of Americans oppose cruel medical testing on primates,” Mike Ryan, director of policy and government affairs at NEAVS told Lady Freethinker. “It’s stunning to learn that the number of primates being caged in isolation and forced into painful tests has never been higher.”

Obviously, public opinion is not a concern worth noting for those who conduct the tests. The National Institute of Health (NIH) continues to fund animal experiments at increasing levels in spite of the fact that so many Americans oppose the practice.

The most commonly used monkeys in research include macaques, squirrel monkeys, baboons, and capuchins; these animals are used in both biomedical and behavioral research.

Earlier this year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shut down a study that looked into nicotine addiction after four squirrel monkeys died as a result of the experiment. Following this incident, FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb began an investigation of all FDA programs that use animals.

The NIH claims to be committed to investigate ways in which animal testing can be “replaced, reduced and refined,” but these shocking figures show a contrasting trend.

“Two numbers have never been higher: The percentage of Americans that oppose primate testing, and the number of primates suffering in tests in the U.S,” says Ryan. “It’s time for NIH to make good on its promise to Congress that they’re sincerely trying to “reduce, replace, and refine” this cruel work.”

Canned hunting: A business for criminals




We humans have (almost) made it – the “king of animals” is dying out!

Gefangener Löwe
The slaying of a lion is one of the most expensive kills and costs around 18,000 euros.
The coat takes the hunters as a trophy in their homeland.

Popular, even among inexperienced hunters, is the Canned Hunting, in German also called “gate hunting”. In this hunting form, the animals are reared by hand on lions farms, exposed in fenced enclosure and a little later “served” the hunter on the silver platter for launch.
Often they are even sedated with medications.
A cowardly “gate hunting” with “guaranteed success”, with which a lot of money is earned.

The suffering of the animals begins with the birth on one of the 200 breeding farms. The lion cubs are separated from their mother and abused as a tourist attraction. Continue reading “Canned hunting: A business for criminals”

The world dictatorship of Bayer- Monsanto


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Share crash at Bayer!

Hard times for Bayer shareholders, but nobody can say they did not know it.
What did the shareholders think? that Bayer and Monsanto would always come away with their atrocities?
Bayer not only has the problem with Monsanto and Glyphosat, but has to fight even with collective complaints for possible health damage by the contraceptive spiral Essure®.

Bayer-Monsanto Karikatur 3

It has been proven that Monsanto’s products cause cancer, but also that the manufacturer did not adequately warn of the risks and even acted deliberately. The jury had largely approved the plaintiff’s side.

Now also the judgment of the judge Suzanne Ramos Bolano at the Supreme Court in San Francisco, who the cancer verdict confirmed! This ruling confirms that $ 289 million in compensation will be reduced to $ 78 million.
But if the plaintiff settles for the lower sum, the process will not be rolled up again.

One has to imagine that: since the verdict in August, Bayer stock market value has fallen by about 23 billion euros. And don`t forget: The Singapore government is Bayer’s biggest shareholder!

Monsanto-Bayer.-Aktionäre vor der FusionjpgThese were the shareholders before the merger

Ian Hilliker, an analyst at Jefferies LLC in London, said in a statement to his clients that, according to his estimate, a class action lawsuit by 8,700 plaintiffs suffering from cancer due to exposure to glyphosate could reach $ 680 billion in Monsanto’s liability.

The chemical company Bayer is on June 7, 2018 on target: In a few days he became the sole owner of the US seed company Monsanto. The loaded name should disappear with the merger. For about 66 billion dollars (about 59 billion euros) Bayer becomes the world’s number one in the crop protection and seed business.

Whoever thought that Monsanto has the most patents on seeds and plants, is wrong, it is the German Bayer group. This holds the world’s most patents on seeds and plants, even more than Monsanto.
German companies are also major customers of Monsanto’s genetically modified products. In fattening factories, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, cattle and pigs regularly eat GM soy and the agar industry is huge in Germany. After all, Germany is one of the largest meat suppliers in the world.

My comment: With the poison “coctails” of herbicides and insecticides that we eat and drink every day, the danger of cancer production also increases.
Herbicides and insecticides are poisons and they are now in our diet. It was even found in breast milk. Numerous studies have shown that this toxin causes serious damage to mammals.

What will become of us? Soya producers use 88 percent more pesticides than they did six years ago. The reason: more and more “weeds”, which should not have come up with glyphosate, have become resistant to this. There are also problems with resistant insects on allegedly “insect-resistant” genetically engineered maize plants.

We are experiencing a new, creeping form of world dictatorship named Bayer/ Monsanto.

My best regards, Venus