USA: Help Pass Prop 12 And Give Animals In Confinement Some Decent Legislation.


Americans are less than three weeks from Election Day—and everyone in the U.S., not just Californians, can help pass Prop 12.

This historic measure would guarantee that all egg-laying hens, pigs used for breeding, and calves used for veal in California be free from severe confinement in small, cruel cages. The law would also mandate that all eggs, pork, and veal sold in California come from farms that meet this standard.

Measures like Prop 12 are crucial, since not a single federal law protects animals during their lives at factory farms. Most egg-laying hens and mother pigs in the U.S. are kept in enclosures so small the animals are unable to even turn around.


See for yourself

Prop 12 enjoys the support of dozens of leading animal protection organizations and humane societies, nearly 500 California veterinarians, the Center for Food Safety, Sierra Club of California, and more.

There are several ways animal advocates can help Prop 12 pass.

  • Sign up to volunteer! There are several opportunities to help get voters to the polls, even if you don’t live in California. Sign up here to help give a voice to farmed animals.
  • Email MFA volunteer coordinator Eve at for special volunteer opportunities and to join Eve’s month-long Prop 12 Task Force.
  • Donate to prevent cruelty to farmed animals.
  • Message all your friends and family in California and encourage them to vote YES on Prop 12! You can quickly find everyone you know in California by simply searching “My friends who live in California” on Facebook.
  • Get social! Share this blog post and content from the Yes on 12 campaign’s social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

And remember, you can fight for farmed animals every single day simply by boycotting the industry that abuses them. Click here to learn more about switching to a compassionate vegan diet.



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