Execution from the air!

The wilde horses, also do not have a simple life on this earth!



First, 45,000 wild horses in the United States should be euthanized and now in the land of 160 million sheep and 24 million cattle australian wild horses from the air to be killed.
Millions of sheep and cattle – it does not take much imagination to imagine what these millions of animals can do on the fragile ecosystem of dry soil. Anyone who has ever traveled through Australia, has seen it with his own eyes. Added to this is the enormous cultivation of sugarcane. Large amounts of fertilizer and pesticides are washed from the sugar cane acreage over streams and rivers into the sea and endanger the Great Barrier Reef.


Nevertheless: The government of the Australian capital Canberra is considering the killing of wild horses from the air.  With the excuse, wild horses could pollute the drinking water sources.

And now the environment minister of Canberra Mick Gentleman says the wild horses population could increase when wild horses from the protected Kosciuszko National Park cross the borders to Namadgi National Park.
Currently, horses arriving in the Canberras area are trapped, sedated and then shot.

He is worried that the wild horses of Kosciuszko pollute the catchment area of Cotter, Canberra’s most important drinking water source, if they crossed the border. “We know that the horses go into the water and that they can destroy boundaries of watercourses. The impact on us could be serious. We know that horses do not know our limits” he says.

It is easier to blame the wild horses if the groundwater is dirty or the delicate sward is destroyed.
In part, wild horses are shot in large numbers by helicopter, if possible so that no one sees.

Wildpferde mit Helikopter gejagt
In May of this year, a killing of 6,000 animals had been averted at the last minute, but now the agricultural lobby seems to be making strong, because the first pillar of Australian agriculture is sheep farming followed by cattle breeding.

In May 2018 it had been said that the wild horses, also called “Brumbies”, were an important part of the tradition in the region for almost 200 years and the government wanted to protect and resettle them. There have been heated debates in the media in Australia on this topic.


Briefmarke mit Brumiespeg


https://www.communityrun.org/petitions/stop-arial-culling-shooting-of-brumbies-1 (Please sign the petition)

My comment: The fascist naturalness, with which criminal governments and their lobbies decide on the rights of animals, only shows which dictatorial system determines our everyday live.

The meat industry, the farma owners, the slaughterers, the hunters … a whole mafia that lives at the expense of “useful” animals, uses every dirty excuse and propaganda to execute the life of (still) free living horses.
Of course we have to mention the equally dirty targets of the politicians, who count on votes and advantages if they support the agrarian lobby.
It takes enormous potential for nerves to endure this fascism of everyday life.

My best regards to all, Venus

Additional info from Mark:

Maybe the Aus government; of which there have been many recently; are being sent a message by the electorate.  Wild horses, live animal exports, etc; the worm has turned and it really is time that the ‘government’ woke up and started to listen to the voices of the Australian people.  If they don’t; then this could be a clear sign of what happens.

Australia’s ruling coalition suffered a “catastrophic” loss in a crucial by-election on Saturday that has left prime minister Scott Morrison without a parliamentary majority.

In a stunning result that looms as the worst swing against a government in Australian history, an independent candidate, Dr Kerryn Phelps, won a comfortable victory against her Liberal opponent, Dave Sharma, in the Sydney seat of Wentworth.


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