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A herd of lions has eaten several suspected rhino poachers in a nature reserve in South Africa. Park guards at the Sibuya Private Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape discovered human bones, clothing and equipment.The lions spotted and tore the invaders and ate them up. More than the shoes of poatchers did not leave the big cats behind.

In addition to body parts Park guards found, among other things, a rifle with silencer, an ax and three pairs of shoes. With the ax the horns should be cut off the rhinos.

The Sibuya Game Reserve went out because of the shoes and clothing scraps of at least three poachers, who had probably targeted rhinos. Apparently, they accidentally got in the way of the six-lion pack, as reserve owner Fox explained. The intruders came to the reserve on Monday night. Dogs specialized in hunting poachers still attacked at night.

“The lions are our guardians and protectors. The poachers picked the wrong pack and became a meal, “said Nick Fox, 60, owner of Sibuya Private Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape.

Although Mr. Fox saddened the hunters’ death, he made it clear: “The poachers came here to kill our animals. And that sends the clear message to all other poachers that they will not always be the winners”!

White-Rhino5The poachers probably had it on white rhinos apart (archive picture). Copyright: IMAGO


As a precaution, an armed park attendant will accompany the safari vehicles until further notice. Whether the killed had more accomplices remained unclear at first.

The police are still investigating, said police spokeswoman Govender.In South Africa, about 1,000 rhinos are killed each year by poachers. The horns are sold mainly to Asia, where they – as an ingredient of traditional medicine – a fortune is paid.

My comment: Why can not animals get such meals every day?
WE torture animals every day in millions, because WE see them as our meals!

Because our underdeveloped morality says: This is normal, they are just animals and their function is to torture and eat them. No one would think of bringing to the newspaper the slaughter of a cow or the torture of a pig in the boiling water as a sensational message. As soon as three criminals want to assassinate innocent animals and are fairly punished by their conspecifics, this is sold as a human tragedy.

I hope the lions had a good and vitamin-rich meal!

My best regards, Venus

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