Soldiers, butchers and murderers


österreichische Flagge


by Helmut F. Kaplan*

The war must also be abolished because it presupposes that humans are made soldiers, that is, human killing machines.
And, according to experience, these killing machines can not be put down safely and immediately after the war.
They become part of society and represent a constant danger to this society.
It often happens after war that former soldiers, who had been trained to kill, live out their killing impulses, even outside the war. The training of soldiers means the production of time bombs.

Soldat mit Kind

And even slaughterhouses must be abolished, among other things, because of these relationships. Because slaughterers are also human killing machines, which often fail to kill their killing impulses outside the slaughterhouse safely and immediately. Again and again, animal butchers become murderers of humans.

Hand mit Messer und Blut_n

We can systematically remove people’s killing inhibition.
W can train them to start killing. But we can not determine where and when they stop killing.

Who makes people murderers, should not be surprised if people remain murderers.

(Translation: Venus with best regards)

*Helmut F. Kaplan is an Austrian animal ethicist and philosopher

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