The dubious business of the EU…

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Pervers: EU wants goodness seal for illegal wood from Vietnam!

Illegal wood from Southeast Asia – sealed with goodness? That can soon become reality. The EU is negotiating a contract with Vietnam to facilitate the timber trade. She ignores that Vietnamese wood often comes from national parks in Cambodia. Please demand: No agreement, as long as the depletion continues!

The loggers do not have to worry about smuggling thick tree trunks across the border from Cambodia to Vietnam with their heavy transporters. They only take their foot off the gas for a few seconds – and drive on undisturbed.

Traktor in Kabotscha png

The criminals need not fear border police and government officials. They were bribed and earn a lot from the plundering of the forests in Cambodia. The Environmental Investigation Agency describes in the Repeat Offender report exactly how Vietnam’s politicians sell wood smugglers even official “import quotas” and raise taxes. For example, the illegal wood from Cambodia in Vietnam is declared legal – it is about 300,000 cubic meters within 5 months.

abgeholzter Waldr

Especially perfidious: Cambodia’s government issued an export ban on wood at the beginning of 2016 to stop the sell-off of forests. At the same time Vietnam invites loggers to plunder nature in the neighboring country – where forest impact is prohibited. There, in the protected areas of Virachey, Ou Ya Dav and Lumphat, more trees are felled than ever before.

Ironically, with Vietnam, the EU is currently negotiating a contract to facilitate the export of tropical timber to Europe. In the end, Vietnamese authorities should award so-called FLEGT certificates, which are to prove that this wood was legally beaten. The wood from exploitation would get a seal of approval and would be freely exported to the EU and the world.

The EU negotiators must be blind and deaf if they suspect nothing of the criminal network of lumberjacks, smugglers and bribed officials.

Please demand: The EU must increase the pressure on Vietnam to stop the depletion. Otherwise, the EU can not conclude the agreement. Please help protect Cambodia’s forests from raids.

(in the Link is the petition, please sign)!

My comment: Countries like Vietnam or Kabodja are poor.
A poor country is more likely to be tempted to eradicate its forests in order to earn money. Out of necessity.
Of course it is a crime for nature and animals.
But there are two parties to this crime, one of which is the EU with its dubious business of tropical timber.
The same thing EU does with the tropic forests of the Amazon.

And a third party, which is no less to blame, we are all, who want our kitchen, our parket, our garden chairs, our bed from “fine”, tropic wood!
We must finally stop blaming only the weaker, for the crime of nature and animals.
We are ALL responsible for the daily catastrophes of this world.

My best regards to all, Venus


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