Florida’s coasts: It smells like death!



In the photo you can see what is happening on the coasts of Florida! Naples is a city on the Gulf of Mexico in southwest Florida. Here, tons of dead crabs were washed away!


tote Krabben-Florida_n

Recently, 135 turtles and dolphins and manatees died in Sarasota, Florida.

On the weekend of September 16, 2018, beach visitors at Panama City Beach made a gruesome discovery: thousands of fish had been stranded dead. Nitrates and phosphorus together with rising temperatures are ideal conditions for algae blooms. Water has been drained from a Florida lake that was full of algal blooms, and this contaminated water got into the ocean!

More and more dead sea turtles, dolphins, manatees and fish have been washed ashore on Florida beaches since the end of July. Including a 200 kg sea turtle.
She had swum across the oceans for 100 years and her life ended on the beaches of Florida.

It started mainly around Sanibel and north of Lee County, but now it has also reached the beaches of Tampa. The people in the regions are angry. Because the sea of Florida is becoming more and more a cloaca and it smells like death.



My Comment: Not only the coast of Florida smells of death, but the whole planet.
We did that, we the human animals.
We destroyed the ocean and the sea with the plastic, the life inside, we destroyed the forests and the life of the animals in the forest, we are responsible for animal massacre, environmental littering, species extinction, cruelty and crimes of all kinds against nature and animals. .

“Truly, the human beast is the king of beasts, because its cruelty surpasses that of other beasts. We live on the death of others. We are walking grave cities! ‘Leonardo da Vinci’.

My best regards, Venus

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