David vs. Goliath- David wins!


El Salvador


El Salvador throws Monsanto out of the country along with his seeds!!!

ElSalvador does it – the resistance of the farmers has triumphed over the big companies like Monsanto.
For the big corporations, the farmers from El Salvador must appear like little nuts, because they cannot be overpressed with anything.

Maismännchen gegen Monsantos_n

Back in October 2014, we told network women that the US was putting pressure on El Salvador to buy GMO seed from Monsanto and threatened to cut its financial aid.

Unbelievable! State blackmail in favor of Monsanto!!

One of the United States conditions for approving nearly $ 300 million in aid was El Salvador’s commitment to buy genetically modified seeds from Monsanto, rather than non-GM seeds from local farmers.
But they did not all count on the obstinacy of these peasants. Especially in Africa, we are seeing how the industry is trying hard to grow GMOs in Africa.

David and Goliathjpg

Read about the resistance of the farmers here:


Best regards to all, Venus


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