Legal mass murder of wild boars- Murderers cheer!


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In Brandenburg (a country in the northeast of Germany) hunters celebrate a bloody record: in the last hunting season, they shot 90,000 wild boars, more than ever before. Decisive reason for the mass shooting is the “tail premium”, which is awarded in most hunting circles. For each “tail” (hunter language for the chopped tail of a wild boar), the hunters receive from the responsible district administration a premium of up to 50 euros. In other federal states hunters report after the introduction of “tail premiums” record firing.

Geld für Mord von Wildschweine

The “reason” for the state support for the shooting of wild boar is the fear that the African swine fever could come to Germany!!!
For humans, the animal disease is completely harmless.
The raly reason for the mass murder is the concern about the economic factor “pork”. If the notifiable disease breaks out in a fattening stable, all animals kept there are killed immediately. Restricted areas would make the usual animal transport through half of Germany impossible. In addition, the export of pork from Germany would be regulated.
The German pig breeders fear billions in damage.

Getötete Wildschweine

However, mass killing of healthy animals will not prevent the spread of the disease, because the biggest risk factor is humans themselves.
An introduction by travelers, professional drivers or hunting tourists is much more likely. On shoes, clothes or vehicles, the resistant viruses can adhere. Especially risky is imported food, which is carelessly disposed of at rest areas. Enlightenment, better border controls and solid game protection fences at rest areas are therefore much more effective measures to prevent the spread of African swine fever than the criminal massacre (under the guise of prophylaxis) of thousands of perfectly healthy wildlife. That this happens anyway, and is financed with our taxpayers’ money, is due to the enormous influence of the hunting and the agricultural lobby on German politics.

Wildschwein wird geschleppt

Source: animal public

My comment: First of all, I should make one thing clear: the German hunting law is an enabling act in the sense of 1933. It authorizes the hunters to take possession of foreign property. So, that comes from the “brown” times of Germany, and remains faithful to these times (with only a few unimportant changes).

They walk heavily armed in the woods and think they can do and leave what they want. And everyone’s opinion is intimidated by force of arms.

There is only excuse and no logical explanation for the murders they commit on innocent beings. And with their dirty propaganda (swine, plague, population, conservation …) try to gain the consent and tolerance of a society that – in its majority – considers hunters for sadistic murderers.

Hunter: You have long revealed your ugly face of mendacity.
Shoot yourself and your stupid fellow-travelers in politics.

Jäger, der JKäger erschoßen hat

My best regards, Venus


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