Myths and facts about swine flu!

Farmers fear economic losses from the swine fever

One thing in advance: For humans and other animals, such as dogs, swine fever is no danger. One can not be infected by contact with animals or eating meat. But for pigs, sooner or later infection usually ends in death.

Although people do not get the swine flu, many are still scared – and especially the people who keep and kill pigs ANYWAY: pig farmers.


Because if swine fever is present in their stable and an animal of their “stock” infected with the disease, all animals must be killed prematurely. A loss business for the farmers who earn money with the pigs only by the death in the slaughterhouse.

massenproduktion-nahrungsmittel-mit schweine

Wild boars are brutally hunted

Actually, it is travelers from Eastern Europe who can bring the causative agents of swine fever on their shoes, car tires or thrown away food (meat or sausage from infected pigs) to Germany.
The argument of the pig breeders is that these pathogens could be taken up by domestic boars and possibly dragged to a pigsty.
But only the human being can bring the pathogen INTO the barn because the most pigs today no longer see blue skies in their narrow and dark concrete cells, and never come directly into contact with wild boards!

Fact is: it’s not the wild boars that spread the plague across the continents and into the stables, it’s the humans. The problem is industrial animal husbandry in itself, as other cases such as bird flu have shown.
Under this false and ridiculous argumentation, a brutal hunt for wild boars is now being “preventively” being carried out.

Jäger mit ermordeten Wildschweine(4)
Programs in the millions should encourage hunters to shoot more at the animals. This hunt is not only cruel, but simply counterproductive. Because: The more wild boars the human kills, the more animals multiply.

Now it has been known for about ten years that the African swine fever was found not far from the Caucasus. But we have not read anything about millions of dollars worth of programs that could have eradicated the disease in an effective and animal-friendly way.

Meat and swine fever

Through animal husbandry, epidemics can spread rapidly. This has already shown the bird flu. In this case, even the innocent wild boars must serve now, so that “your schnitzel” can still be killed only in the slaughterhouse.

Tenderize slabs of meat on wooden board
Our conclusion: Instead of shooting wild boars preventively, one could honestly deal with the real problems once and then quickly come to the solution, that one should rather preventively stop the pig breeding.

At the latest, and after watching the video, we realize with what dirty “solutions” ( such as the mass murder of wild boars) against innocent beings act the meat mafia and the hunters. Because the main culprit is human. Both for the transmission of the disease, as well as for the criminal conditions in the animal farms all over the world, that favor this disease.

My best regards to all, Venus

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