Germany: the network with “downer” cows.


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The dirty business with sick and seriously injured animals from the dairy industry.

tieranlieferung von kranken Kühen im Hinterhofbetrieb-Delivery of sick animals in the closed slaughterhouse Photo: Soko Animal Protection e.V.

The case of a closed slaughterhouse in Stendal (a city near Berlin) a few days ago sheds light on a previously unknown niche in the food industry.
As research by the TV magazine FAKT shows, small slaughterhouses specialize in processing injured animals that are no longer accepted by large slaughterhouses.

According to a former employee of such a company, these slaughterhouses take injured animals from farmers for little money and process them.
“A healthy cow is worth 1,000 euros,” he explained.The butcher takes an injured or sick animal for 50 to 150 euros and earn a lot of money”.

Everyone benefited from this system: the farmer who gets the sick animal out of the barn, the haulier who brings it to the slaughterhouse, and the butcher himself.

“Backyard farms do the dirty work”!

Animal rights activists from the Organisation SOKO documented cruel events.
Sick animals were dragged to death by a winch, dragged around by forklift, brutally beaten and tortured with stun guns. The slaughterhouse is an example of a network that specializes in “downer” animals from the dairy industry. SOKO animal protection researched nationwide and it was able to unmask two slaughterhouses and many involved cattle dealers.

The German dairy industry produces tens of thousands of so-called “downers” every year. The turbo cows have an expiry date and after 5 years these animals are ready. They can barely stand, they collapse. or do not eat anything anymore. These animals would have to be redeemed. Since both the emergency slaughter and the skinner cost money, one gets creative and transports the animals across Germany to the only insiders known slaughterhouses.

SOKO Animal Welfare has filed a criminal complaint against the parties and cooperates with the authorities.

The authorities are also part of the problem, because on 16 days of hidden camera use was no inspector look. The controls are gladly registered and one is with the supervisors by “you”.

“Our demand is a complete overhaul of the surveillance and consequences of consumers. Because everyone who consumes milk has a share in the fate of the downer cows, “says Friedrich Mülln of SOKO Animal Welfare.

(I translate a little to the video, because it is in German. Nevertheless, the pictures speak for themselves).

Day after day, the animal rights activists documented decaying, mummified and skeletal animals. The workers simply cleaned around the dead. An animal manure device pulled full-grown cows and the workers dragged an injured animal behind the tractor. A shattering shot shows a calf that was just born and is then caught, crushed and carried away by the manure scraper. On the farm there is a constant dying.

Kranke Kuh-Soko DokujpgA severely injured “downer” cow suffers overnight at the slaughterhouse “Blohm” near Stendal. The animal, according to the Soko animal protection, was tortured with electric shocks in front of the hidden camera and dragged around with a forklift.


The cattle slaughterhouse in the district of Stendal had been provisionally closed by the competent authorities according to information from the organization “Soko animal welfare”. The reasons given were violations of animal welfare and poor hygiene of food. he owner of the slaughterhouse was not available for FAKT-Magazin. He was traveling abroad, the company said!!!

My Comment: And then, there is the new animal-hostile and incompetent agricultural minister, Julia Klöckner, who, instead of holding criminal animal torturers to account, she wants to take firm and relentless action against animal rights activists.

Against animal rights activists!!

Who dare to film such crimes against terribly suffering animals and bring them to the public.
But she does not act alone! Behind her is a ridiculous government, that has a great interest in supporting and promoting the meat and dairy industry, and manipulable consumers, who, with their meat and milk consumption, are supporting this dirty business of death.

My best regards, Venus


One thought on “Germany: the network with “downer” cows.”

  1. Can’t the authority do something against that? It’s shocking and I’m deeply disgusted…
    The only solution, I guess, is that people stop eating flesh.
    No request, no need to bread animals to slaughter.
    But I suppose there is an awfull “Cartel” behind all that, we have Lobbies all over and almost for each human’s need.


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