Spain: hunters again on the murder!




The hunting season with Galgos will start around the 20th of October, depending on region. During the first months of the hunting season, until Christmas more or less, thousands of Galgos that are not good enough at hunting (in the opinion of the hunters), will be killed in brutal ways.


Now, as October begins, the training of Galgos is going on, at its peak, for the upcoming hunting season. It is not at all uncommon that Galgos die from wounds caused by falling during training, when the Galgos run behind cars at around 60 km / hour. The video shows training at night, with the Galgos running in front of the vehicle (not as common).

Training für GalgosRunning for their lives at 60 km/h.

You are probably familiar with some of them by now, such as the ”Pianist” hangings, deliberate breaking one of a dog’s legs and then leaving to starve to death, throwing the dogs into empty wells or off high cliffs. –

FOTO mit aufgehängten Galgo“Pianist” torture

Living conditions for hunting dogs are usually very bad. Partido Animalista (PACMA) published a new video three days ago, showing an example of these (see above).

To train Galgos, the serial perpetrators are every means right. Galgos do not live longer than 2-3 years. Thereafter, the death is done by hanging. In this way, Spain’s hunters direct every year thousands of dogs that have served in the rabbit hunt. This is especially true of the Galgos, a Spanish variant of the greyhound, that ends up on the rope at the end of the shooting season. This is what the hunters call “tradition”, for which the cartridge is often too expensive for the coup de grace or the veterinarian’s euthanasia.

Galgo als Skelet_n

Incidentally, only those Galgos who have proven themselves to be hunting hunters are hanged on the tree. For those who are less successful, a “punishing catalog” has come into being among the Spanish hunters, making the dog’s death even more painful.
As follows: The noose around the neck is only pulled up so far that the hind legs of the dog are just on the ground. “So the poor creatures spend up to two and a half hours dying,” animal rights activists say. “Or, even more cruelly, they are simply tied to the tree with the strangle leash until they die of starvation, thirst and exhaustion.” (that’s what the psychopaths call “play piano”!!)

galgos-gehängt auf BaumjpgHere’s another Galgo”Pianist”- victim  of Spain’s psychopath hunters

The Spanish state, meanwhile, watches the bustle of the animal torturers quite unmoved. There are few people, as always animal rights activists, who, as in any such country, carry the burden on their shoulders alone and with their own initiative try to save what is to save, and unfortunately with each passing day grows.

Spain is one of the worst countries in animal cruelty in Europe.

But Spain, we have to say it too, has the strongest animal protection party in Europe.
And that is PACMA!

The petition to the European Parliament is still going on.
Please sign

My best regards to all, Venus


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