Serial killers and hunters are terribly similar!

österreichische Flagge


Hundreds of ducks bounced off, live ducks worn on their necks, hunting dogs rush injured animals – and that on property of the Republic of Austria!

The Austrian Association against Animal Factories (VGT) has recorded a video!
This shows the massacre of breeding ducks on the Leitha (tributary of the Danube)

Thousands of ducks have been exposed to the Leitha River and its tributaries. The VGT is now showing the dubious “meaning” of this animal and nature conservation illegal undertaking in a new video: the shooting down of hundreds of animals in “funny” society. An incredible carnage for no apparent reason.
These animals are first purchased from factory farming, only to be bailed off then. On the video you can see how the shot ducks frantically flutter in the water, are tracked by dogs and bitten.

leith entenjagd2_VGTpng“People” throw the dead animals carelessly around.
Others, on the other hand, carry live ducks on their necks, to a pile of dead animals and throw them there on the ground. One of the ducks straightens up again and hides in the undergrowth, injured. The VGT reimburses criminal charges for animal cruelty.

_leitha Massaker von Enten VGT_gal

VGT Chairman Martin Balluch:“The behavior of these people shows how little attention and respect they have before these animals.
Those who treat living -and dead!- animals in this way have no feeling for nature at all.

leithenten Treibjagd VGT1_gal

A completely meaningless massacre.
These are people who seem so bored that they can enjoy themselves only with such a perverted pastime!
One must already ask why the authority does not intervene here. Animal welfare, which is trampled under this recreational entertainment, is after all a state goal in our constitution.
Asked locally, the hunting overseer explained that this hunt takes place because it is legal and Basta!!This is not true and not right!
First, the Animal Welfare Act prohibits the abandonment of bred animals that live in captivity. Because these animals are not viable in the wild, which clearly applies to these breeding ducks.

Second, quite specifically: the shooting of female ducks in the year of abandonment has been prohibited since the reform of the Hunting Law. The VGT has today documented such a hunt for abandoned breeding ducks on the Leitha canal and can now clearly demonstrate that female breeding ducks were shot.

leith ententreibjagt VGT4_gal

But so far the authority shows no willingness to execute the law.
Nevertheless, the statement of the hunting watcher it clear that you can expect no reason in this species of people. Here only prohibitions help, which are also enforced.

It is time for the state government to deal with this problem. “

My comment: What kind of person can enjoy taking the life of another creature?
That must be a hunter!
How many times have we heard a hunter say: “I’m more concerned with hunting than killing?”
They describe as their love of nature, the moment when they see the prey for the first time, how they track down the animal, corner it and then kill it. Maybe they too, like many serial killers, are basically addicted to the adrenaline rush they get because they hold the fate of their victims in their hands.

Just like the serial killers, the hunters have to prove their status as a person who has the power over life and death. That is why they almost always keep photos of the murdered animals as hunting souvenirs, reminding them of a creature that once lived!

None of the killers shows remorse for their actions – they apologize for their behavior rather than the fulfillment of a vague spiritual need. When choosing their victims, some hunters describe a kind of “shivering” that they feel when they see the “right” animal. 

“Killing people is so much fun” wrote in one of his letters the Zodiac Killer. ” It’s even better than killing deer in the forest, because man is the most dangerous of all animals. “

Serial killers and hunters are terribly similar!

My best regards to all, Venus

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