England: 1/1/19 – New Years Day and Last Night (31/12/18) London Fireworks.



It’s a tradition with me personally to play this track first thing on the morning of 1st January, whatever year.

I cant say why specifically – other than I just love it – it is just a classic track from U2, even though it does not relate to anything apart from the Polish solidarity movement that was founded on 17th September 1980 at the Lenin Shipyard under the leadership of Lech Walesa. 

It was the first trade union in a Warsaw Pact country that was not controlled by a communist party.  Its membership peaked at 10 million members at its September 1981 Congress, which constituted one third of the total working-age population of Poland.

What we can hope for in 2019 is fighting your campaigns; and a lot more respect for the way in which animals are treated.

As Dr. Brian May says – “look forward with the belief that everything that has been achieved can be surpassed in the future”.

fox sake 5

This was a good year for animal rights – here are 11 of the biggest wins: 


Fight the good fight !

Regards Mark – and Enjoy the music !


London fireworks – link from Diana (Germany):



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