USA: Kittens Forced to Eat Raw Meat, and Then Killed As Part of USDA Research. Taxpayer Funded to $650,000 A Year. What’s the Point ?- Petition Them.




Target: Sonny Perdue, Secretary of Agriculture and head of the United States Department of Agriculture

Goal: End taxpayer funded animal experiments that kill hundreds of kittens each year.

Hundreds of kittens are forced to eat infected, raw meat as part of an experiment by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). These kittens are then euthanized at the end of this experiment. Demand an end to this wasteful and cruel experiment that uses taxpayer money.

A laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland breeds up to a hundred kittens per year, feeds the kittens parasite-infected raw meat, collects their feces for 3 weeks to track physical reactions to the parasites, and then euthanizes the kittens. This is a taxpayer funded experiment that has been ongoing for nearly fifty years. This experiment costs taxpayers $650,000 each year and is being conducted by the USDA — the very organization charged with enforcing animal welfare laws.

The most heart-breaking part of this may be that even the kittens which survive the experiment, and are perfectly healthy, are euthanized instead of sent to a rescue organization to be adopted by a loving family. This is a waste of life and an atrocious use of tax money. Sign this petition to tell Secretary Perdue that we are not okay with how our tax money is being used. Demand an end to taxpayer funded animal experiments that kill defenseless kittens.

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Dear Secretary Perdue,

The USDA, which is in charge of setting and enforcing animal welfare laws, uses taxpayer money to fund atrocious animal experiments. Your lab in Maryland breeds kittens, feeds them infected food, monitors their reactions to the parasites, and then euthanizes them – even the healthy survivors are killed.

This is a despicable waste of life in a time when there are alternatives to animal experiments. At the very least, the healthy kittens should be sent to a rescue organization for adoption by loving families.

Our tax dollars do not support animal abuse. We demand an end to this taxpayer funded animal experiment that murders kittens.


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