England: Positive News for Badgers – The National Trust Will NOT Allow Culling On Its Land.




Learn a great deal more about the Badger cull in England by reading the following link data:



Badger cull: Blaming wildlife while neglecting cheap farming improvements ‘severely hampering’ bovine TB fight, review finds:



Finally; a positive move for Badgers who are supported on the whole by the British public; but who are unfortunately culled at present due to misinformed government and advisors.

badger artwork

The National Trust says it will NOT bow to pressure from the industry and allow badger culling to take place on its land as part of government efforts to eradicate TB.

In a statement, a National Trust spokesman said: “As a major landowner with many farming tenants, we understand how devastating an outbreak of bovine TB can be.

“That’s why it’s important for us to play our part in tackling this disease by finding a practical solution to prevent its spread among badgers, between cattle and badgers and among cattle.

“Given the evidence currently available, we don’t believe that the widespread culling of a protected species is the right approach to managing bovine TB.”


Read more on this story at:


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