USA: Wildlife Murdering Trophy Hunters Meet In Nevada For Annual Convention.




Picture – HSI.

Just last week, trophy hunters and sellers from all over the world met in Reno, Nevada for the annual Safari Club International convention—an event where trophy hunters, who pride themselves on killing rare and majestic wildlife, can buy opportunities to do so. This is the Club’s largest fundraising source, generating tens of millions of dollars through hunting auctions and other activities—funds they use to support their efforts to weaken laws that protect animals from trophy hunters.

trophy hunter 2

During the convention, vendors were even selling canned lion hunts and dozens of items that appeared to violate Nevada’s wildlife trafficking law—items that included elephant skin furniture, stingray skin boots and paintings using elephant ears and skins as canvases. We have submitted these findings in writing to the Nevada Department of Wildlife last week, requesting investigation and enforcement of Nevada law.

Read more about HSI’s findings at this year’s SCI convention.

trpohy hunter 1

Read much more on this issue at Humane Society International:

trophy 1d906fa7b-16fa-416e-b3d8-4e5a463b2c3e


Above – ‘Dim’ and ‘Dimmer’ Trump Show How Great They Are.


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