Thailand: cruel pictures from the death zoo!




Harrowing images show painfully thin animals at controversial Thai zoo

elefant- in thailand zoo3

They are cruel pictures. A completely malnourished elephant has to perform tricks in front of spectators. He is so emaciated that you can see his ribs. Other animals in the zoo show significant deficiency symptoms. It is cruel how the zoo abuses its animals. Only a glance at the condition of these animals creates goose bumps. It’s not the first time that zoos in Asia have come under fire, but we have not seen such cruel conditions nowhere before. Already half a year ago, German tourists had drawn attention to the conditions there and criticized the zoo as totally run-down. But nothing happened, the poor emaciated elephant must continue to perform for the tourists his feats.

Elephants are caught, tortured and mistreated for tourism!

elefant-thai zoojpg

The terrible abuse and neglect of animals at the Samutprakarn Zoo in Thailand has been reported on the internet in the past, after a small orangutan was chained to a very short chain, making it difficult to move. He has to pose for tourists all day. Rather than being in the wild with his mother and climbing miles of trees, he’s barely able to move. The pictures were taken recently by a tourist. Now there are again new cruel photos from the zoo: The animals are totally emaciated.

Thai zoos are very popular with tourists, although the situation of the animals is known.

The elephants had “worked” in the jungle before coming to the private zoo, and now have an “easier life to keep people entertained,” according to the Phuket Zoo website!!!. Again, tourists are warning: “This is the most disgusting zoo in the world.” The conditions under which these poor animals live are terrible. The animals are drugged so the tourists can take a picture with them.

Again and again, videos appear where desperate elephants are chained in the Phuket Zoo. But not only elephants are cruelly treated, but also other animals:

affen gefangen in thai zoo jpg

A crocodile farm was built in 1950 as the first crocodile farm in Thailand. Today it is the largest crocodile farm in the world. Here are now housed 60,000 crocodiles. They serve the entertainment for the tourists. Simply getting enough to feed 60,000 crocodiles is a great challenge!!.
As if the crocodile farm in Samut Prakan alone were not enough, they have built another zoo, too!

Time and again tourists post under which cruel conditions the animals are housed. But as long as the tourists visit such zoos, nothing will change. “It’s the most cruel zoo in the world they’ve ever seen,” write tourists who visited these zoos, but these zoos continue to be a tourist attraction.

elefant-als attraktion in thai zoopg

Wildlife authorities inspected Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and the zoo after releasing photos showing a heavily underweight elephant performing tricks during a show.
They found not only this elephant, but also other emaciated elephants and also the other animals had deficiency symptoms. This zoo was not closed!

The comment of a visitor:


Review of Phuket Zoo

Reviewed 11 June 2013

This is the most disgusting zoo in the world.
The conditions these poor animals are living is sickening!
The animals are drugged so you can have a photo taken with them.
Saw a tiger which drugs had worn off and he was kept in a tiny 3x3m cage with a cement round bed in the middle, he was angry, roaring & walking arond in constant circles
At the elephant show the trainers had a sharp metal stick hidden in the palm of their hand that they would stab into the elephants ear to make them do a trick.
The poor animals are sad, dirty, sick, and wounded.
I have a photo of some type of cat with its face half missing.
This place is digusting. IF you have a heart… AVOID THIS ZOO!More

Date of experience: July 2012

Here is a petition, who wants to protest, can sign it:

My comment: There are some who think that many things have been much better, are improved … ignorance, money greed, lack of empathy, everything has gotten worse there!

Best regards to all, Venus



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