Zoo Wuppertal, Germany: “world famous” for animal cruelty!


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Bonobo male Bili came to the zoo in November. His conspecifics did not accept him. A part of his ear is bitten off.

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A piece of his ear is missing. Demolished by the conspecifics. His fingers are bleeding. And in his black fur gape open wounds. At the sight of this poor creature you just have a lump in your throat …

Bonobo monkey Bili (10) from the Wuppertal Zoo is the victim of massive mobbing: ejected, attacked and injured by the others in his enclosure.

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Bitter: If Bili is not integrated into the Minor Chimpanzee group soon, maybe even death threatens him.

Either by euthanasia, as Zoo boss Dr. Arne Lawrenz in the media said. “Or the others bite him dead,” says Dr. Colin Goldner of the “Great Ape Project.”

The animal rights activist has been following the monkey’s path for some time: “Bili was born in England, was repulsed by his mother, reared by humans.” He then found a new home in the Frankfurt Zoo, until the end of 2018 . Contrary to the claims of the Zoo Wuppertal, he was there very well integrated into his group, before he was shipped as a new breeding man to Wuppertal.

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During the following months, the zoo tried to integrate him into the group, but failed because of bad posture. The Bonobo group began to attack Bili violently, so he lost an ear, over and over with bite wounds and severely traumatized his life in the Bonobo concrete bunker in Wuppertal. While the Zoo Directorate said in a statement that they were watching the situation and wanted to wait, the suffering went on for Bili.

Zoo visitors cry at his sight and there is general horror.

Due to his experience, Bili can no longer be integrated into any other Bonobo group. Yesterday the zoo issued a statement, in which even thought about an Eeuthanasia.

The attitude of the Zoo Wuppertal is not long understandable. One plays down the whole thing and compares zoo relationships with those in the wilderness. There is now a so-called Deadline on the part of the zoo.


But this is fatal for an adult bonobo – a monkey species in which the mommies are in charge (matriarchy). Dr. Goldner: “As a baby, living together could work, but as a bonobo man you have bad cards without the mother’s protection: The other females bite.”

Animal rights activists call for Bili’s resettlement

Supporters of an animal welfare movement are not reassured by the explanations. They have registered a protest on Sunday, 27.01 between 12 to 14 clock in front of the Wuppertal Zoo.

“Our message is that under these circumstances Bili can no longer stay in this zoo,” explains event organizer Adrienne Kneis. “I was there yesterday, Bili shows a completely frightened behavior, makes a dull, exhausted impression, is most of the time careful to be protected from possible attacks. Bili never defends himself when he is attacked, he huddles together, holds both arms protectively over his head and endures the shocks and bites of his fellows very scared. ” For Kneis is clear: Bili must not stay in the Zoo Wuppertal.

A possible solution, the animal rights activist apparently. According to her, she has a written assurance from England that Bili can be accommodated in the Ape Monkey Rescue UK, an animal shelter in Wales.


Today, 27. 01. the event took place for Bili in front of the Zoo Wuppertal. Many people and media were present, including the camera crew of Stern TV. Stern TV had accompanied Bili’s integration into the Bonobo Group at the Frankfurt Zoo in 2009.

When the camera crew filmed in the monkey house, Bili had been separated together with Mato. Of course, there was peace, because Mato is the only one who ignored Bili and not attacked, but can not help him. Bonobos have the women say …

Bili’s condition is Bad. He is thin, can barely move his hands, begged behind the grid for food. The Frankfurt Zoo was also present. What they were doing right there … unknown !!! It was followed by the usual explanations and fair play towards the camera team.

As soon as the camera team was gone, the rest of the group was released again on Bili. Tribe visitors also reported horrific, heart-rending scenes in front of the Bonobo facility.

Petition: https://www.change.org/p/dr-arne-lawrenz-rettet-bonobo-bili-aus-dem-zoo-wuppertal-save-bonobo-bili-from-zoo-wuppertal


My comment: The zoo parks are supported by stupid visitors. There are some parents who take their children to observe living animal inmates and think they learn about the animals.

The only thing that visitors to zoos achieve with their visit, is to make the slave trader (that`s  the zoo director) richer.
Zoos are and remain prisons where animals are kept for life and displayed for the benefit of a paying audience.

In the minds of the people, a gigantic propaganda offensive has been launched for years, which continues to this day and has contributed to the fact that zoos are still regarded in many parts of the population as “normal”, “right” and even “necessary”.

Zoos have to close! They are and will continue to be prisons!

affe-colin goldnerjpgFoto: Colin Goldman


My best regards, Venus


3 thoughts on “Zoo Wuppertal, Germany: “world famous” for animal cruelty!”

  1. The stupidity of humans is without borders. Isn’t there any legal means to stop this torture?
    It should widely be published in the newspapers and posters on the streets (not many go on the internet to read such horrible stories)… And about parents: idiocy is common, such people should be forbidden to have children! 😦 claudine


    1. Hi Claudine,

      yes! here in Germany is reported everywhere in the media about it. So much so that even those who do not want to know will have to find out what’s going on in the zoo.
      Zoos are legal prisons for defenseless animals, as are the circuses. We fight for our fellow creatures as we can. And most of the time we fight for the obvious.
      We will not abandon Bili, the zoo has gotten bad reputation and sharp criticism about this case, we think it will respond to pressure from animal rights activists.

      Best regards from me

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you from heart, dear Venus, for the explanation but most and for all, that you will keep helping Bili and other poor sentient beings confined in zoos and circuses! There aren’t zoo in which animals should be keept, they should life freely into Nature. Some people write and say that some species may survive only if keep “safe” in “some-places” (zoo). But I rather think that this could be a cheap excuse. If humans weren’t to be “evolved” to became what we now are, the planet would be a paradisiac place to live… without wars, famine, sentient beings dying for thousand of reasons.
        Have a lovely week :-)claudine


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