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USA: Orca’s Mean Visitors, And Visitors Mean Big Bucks – A 30-year-old orca has died at SeaWorld’s Orlando Park.



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A 30-year-old orca has died at SeaWorld’s Orlando Park in Florida. 

The orca, named Kayla, died on Monday after a brief illness, SeaWorld officials said.

Veterinarians began treating Kayla on Saturday, following a physical exam, after she showed signs of discomfort. Her condition worsened Sunday and she was given around-the-clock care until her death, park officials said.

The cause of death will not be known until a post-mortem examination is conducted.

Kayla was one of the last remaining orcas at SeaWorld’s Orlando park after the company announced in 2016 that it was stopping its orca breeding programme.

In a statement, SeaWorld officials said: “The entire SeaWorld family is deeply saddened by the loss. While today is a difficult day for all of us at SeaWorld, Kayla inspired generations of guests and employees to care and learn more about this amazing species.”

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Third killer whale dies at SeaWorld this year

SeaWorld’s orca shows came under criticism following the 2013 documentary Blackfish, which depicted orca Tilikum’s life in captivity. Before his death in 2017, Tilikum was involved in the deaths of three people, including SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau.

In 2017, the company ended orca shows in California, with plans to phase out the shows at parks in Florida and Texas in 2019.


WAV Comment

We suggest that the SeaWorld statement should have been:

“The entire SeaWorld family is deeply saddened by the fact that we will not be making money out of animals that belong in the oceans performing stupid tricks in our undersized tanks instead. Today is a difficult day for all of us at SeaWorld due to the loss of future funds from members of the public who have still not got a grip that animals should not be doing pathetic tricks to satisfy their dismal demands to be ‘entertained’ by animal abuse.  Kayla inspired generations of guests and employees who simply ignored the fact that wild animals belong in the wild, not bathtubs such as those at SeaWorld.”


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dolphin capture

TCM: Animal torture is our capital!




Who heard their scream, thinks of children’s voices. Fear of death, wounding and desperate children’s voices. Collarbears release these terrible screams twice a day. If they still have the strength.

Bile juice is taken twice a day in an unbearable procedure.

For this purpose, the farmers of the Chinese bear farms put a catheter through the abdominal wall into the gallbladder. Through this pipe, a tube without anesthesia is introduced directly into the organ. It is considered as “human” to dispense with the catheter and to drip the juice from a stomach opening operatively connected directly to the bile. So that the animal does not tear the pipe or the tube from the inflamed wound, it is fixed in a steel corset and permanently damned to complete immobility.

TCM: Body and Capital in Balance = The truth: Animal Torture is our capital balance!

If one searches in Google for the term TCM, one finds purposely little information.
Because just and thanks to the Internet, the public has become smarter about the charlatanism of some unscrupulous Chinese and Germans, and does not believe in this mafia business.

Quote from the web page of TCM:

“TCM Pharmatrade GmbH & Co. KG is a pharmaceutical company founded in 2018 that supplies the entire European market via wholesale and its own mail order pharmacy. Its unique selling point is the possession of German and in future also European approvals for Chinese medicine and nutritional supplements with origins in traditional Chinese medicine.”

And…“Wethe HH-SH TCM Center GmbH – operate the TCM center in Hamburg (Germany) to show you traditional Chinese medicine. We combine tradition with the latest science and technology!!”

bären. und tigerjpg

If there were no more market for such products, this industry would no longer be profitable and would end the exploitation of the animals.
But … the law of the Chinese government waits in vain. The culprit is the Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)!
After the State Council’s Resource and Environmental Policy Research Institute (DRCSC) had presented a report that clearly indicated that bear products should expire by 2035 and be replaced with non-animal substitutes, TCM companies even demanded an apology!!!


However, TCM companies continue to insist on bear bile, selling it as a millennia-old tradition. Thus, the bears continue to be held in cruel imprisonment, crammed into wire cages, where they have to endure the daily ordeal of the bile-tap.

Paradox! Although the media reported years ago on this cruel act in the name of Chinese medicine, the more China is focused on economic recovery, the lower it has become.

China became Germany’s most important trading partner for the first time last year. China replaced the US.

Profit from animal welfare. Because it does not only affect the bears who have to suffer, but also tigers.

Bear and tiger farm animal husbandry: suffering for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In the wild, the tigers are almost extinct, but it is believed that about 5,000 tigers are being held on Chinese farms – in dirty cages, where they are starving. The adage: only skin and bones, means to the tigers that this is the time when they are mercilessly killed. Once they were majestic creatures, their fur then served as a jewel in some houses of rich Chinese, while the bones have to serve for wine.


In recent years, there has been more and more evidence that China also wants to improve its image in the world public in terms of environmental protection and animal welfare. For example, animal testing has been banned and money invested to find alternative substances for bear bile.
But also the new law allows the survival of China’s bear bile farms and 200 tiger farms. On farms, tigers are bred on a grand scale to make tiger-bark wine and other binge elixirs. According to a report by the Environmental Research Agency EIA, thousands of tigers are bred and then slaughtered. Because the demand for such products is increasing, there are illegal farms or poaching, with bears as well as tigers.


My comment:  All this is supported by criminal politics. Everyone seems to have an employment pact with China.

Merkel and her EU Coalition partner have become the slaughterhouse of China. They accept unconditional meat, fur and products from tortured animals.
The politicians do not stop other politicians or governments, on the contrary! there is a permanent, grand coalition in politics  of all parties and directions, when it comes to animals: it consists of animal tormentors, meat lovers, fur friends, circus with wild animal friends , hunter friends and corrupt journalism.

Last but not least, one of them is a disinterested, superstitious population increasingly victim to the criminal animal industry, and with its boundless stupidity and infantilism, promotes criminal animal trade.

My best regards, Venus


42 days from the life of a chicken

Squashed, kicked, and disposed of alive – in Germany, 99% of all broiler chickens live on farms with more than 10,000 animals. In Germany, 30 million chickens die each year before slaughter, due to poor housing conditions!!

Not only the animals suffer terrible torments, also the human being is affected.
According to a recent report, the practices of intensive chicken production contribute to the increase in antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in bacteria that are transmissible from animals to humans, such as Campylobacter, Salmonella and E.coli.

For decades, mass animal farmers have been pumping antibiotics into the animals to make up for inhuman and disease-causing conditions. Now the bacteria fight back.

E. coli is by far the most common cause of urinary tract infection and dangerous human blood poisoning, and it can also cause meningitis. These infections can be fatal if they do not respond to antibiotics.

According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), over the next few years, antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” could kill 1.3 million people in Europe if nothing more is done to solve the problem. Researchers are already studying medieval sources in search of antibiotic-resistant germs. Farmers still want to use antibiotics, although factory farming promotes antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Criminal, right?

peta.abgezupfte hühner

A new research shows systematic animal distress at Wiesenhof and Co. – from the first day until the day of slaughter. Bruised, kicked, taken away alive: An undercover research by Animal Equality reveals the systematic cruelty in German chicken mast farms. The documented operations supply the major groups Wiesenhof and Rothkötter. After a maximum of 42 days of life, the agony of the animals ends: in the slaughterhouse.
In Germany, 99% of all broiler chickens live in farms with more than 10,000 animals. There they live densely packed in huge halls.

massentierhaltung hühner_o

Again and again, chickens were documented that can no longer run or stand up. Often a sign of overbreeding.
Weak and sick animals are eliminated. In the video, a worker squeezes a chick on the trough – presumably to kill it.
Chicks are systematically disposed of alive in all filmed farms. A total of ten times this has been documented.

totes kücken-animal equality

The transport to the slaughterhouse begins with kicks and punches of the catcher squads. Animals are grabbed by the legs and thrown into the pits. It is not unusual for wings or legs to break.

In most commercial chicken farms, the chickens are given antibiotics against infection. These funds are relatively cheap and available everywhere and they provide high profits. The problems occur when the animals are kept in dirty conditions and exposed to infections and viruses.

sterbende hÜhner

Do you eat chicken meat?

Then there is a high risk of being infected with Campylobacter. With more than 70,000 reported illnesses in 2016 and similar high numbers in previous years, Campylobacter enteritis has become the most common bacterial notifiable disease in Germany.
According to the Robert Koch Institute, the most significant risk factor for Campylobacter infection was the consumption of chicken meat.

The EU legislation on “animal welfare” for fattening chicken does not currently guarantee “the welfare” of the farm chicken. This is evident from the implementation report of the EU Commission itself. The EU Parliament will try to pass a resolution on this issue next week to finally move things forward.

Although the problems are known, although other countries have long since reacted, although the representatives of the European Parliament and the EU states after several years, negotiations on new regulations have agreed …. the EU states have three years to the new rules implement.

Thus, the regulation does not apply until the end of 2021!!

What the regular “feeding” with antibiotics for animals and for humans – as the end of the food chain – has effects, we can count on five fingers (if we want to see the problem!)

My comment: The animals get sick because of performance breeding and in the mega cases. Politicians can not say that they do not know. They know it. Consumers know it.

But the system allows (under the influence of agribusiness lobbyists) that factory farming should only meet the minimum legal requirements of animal welfare, which is anything but animal friendly.

It has to be compulsively and recklessly produced more and more… and cheaper… to generate returns. Of course, nobody is interested in the fact that it is about sentient beings, animals, and not commodities.

The animal welfare issue must be part of a general political and social rethink that does not subordinate the rights of animals to the economic interests of the dairy and meat industry.

However, this sick system can not change only by the purchasing decisions of the individual, so we must achieve this through basic power.

My best regards, Venus


Zoo Wuppertal, Germany: “world famous” for animal cruelty!


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Bonobo male Bili came to the zoo in November. His conspecifics did not accept him. A part of his ear is bitten off.

billi im heujpg

A piece of his ear is missing. Demolished by the conspecifics. His fingers are bleeding. And in his black fur gape open wounds. At the sight of this poor creature you just have a lump in your throat …

Bonobo monkey Bili (10) from the Wuppertal Zoo is the victim of massive mobbing: ejected, attacked and injured by the others in his enclosure.

billi, zoo wuppertel 2 jpg

Bitter: If Bili is not integrated into the Minor Chimpanzee group soon, maybe even death threatens him.

Either by euthanasia, as Zoo boss Dr. Arne Lawrenz in the media said. “Or the others bite him dead,” says Dr. Colin Goldner of the “Great Ape Project.”

The animal rights activist has been following the monkey’s path for some time: “Bili was born in England, was repulsed by his mother, reared by humans.” He then found a new home in the Frankfurt Zoo, until the end of 2018 . Contrary to the claims of the Zoo Wuppertal, he was there very well integrated into his group, before he was shipped as a new breeding man to Wuppertal.

billi zoo wuppertel 3pg

During the following months, the zoo tried to integrate him into the group, but failed because of bad posture. The Bonobo group began to attack Bili violently, so he lost an ear, over and over with bite wounds and severely traumatized his life in the Bonobo concrete bunker in Wuppertal. While the Zoo Directorate said in a statement that they were watching the situation and wanted to wait, the suffering went on for Bili.

Zoo visitors cry at his sight and there is general horror.

Due to his experience, Bili can no longer be integrated into any other Bonobo group. Yesterday the zoo issued a statement, in which even thought about an Eeuthanasia.

The attitude of the Zoo Wuppertal is not long understandable. One plays down the whole thing and compares zoo relationships with those in the wilderness. There is now a so-called Deadline on the part of the zoo.


But this is fatal for an adult bonobo – a monkey species in which the mommies are in charge (matriarchy). Dr. Goldner: “As a baby, living together could work, but as a bonobo man you have bad cards without the mother’s protection: The other females bite.”

Animal rights activists call for Bili’s resettlement

Supporters of an animal welfare movement are not reassured by the explanations. They have registered a protest on Sunday, 27.01 between 12 to 14 clock in front of the Wuppertal Zoo.

“Our message is that under these circumstances Bili can no longer stay in this zoo,” explains event organizer Adrienne Kneis. “I was there yesterday, Bili shows a completely frightened behavior, makes a dull, exhausted impression, is most of the time careful to be protected from possible attacks. Bili never defends himself when he is attacked, he huddles together, holds both arms protectively over his head and endures the shocks and bites of his fellows very scared. ” For Kneis is clear: Bili must not stay in the Zoo Wuppertal.

A possible solution, the animal rights activist apparently. According to her, she has a written assurance from England that Bili can be accommodated in the Ape Monkey Rescue UK, an animal shelter in Wales.


Today, 27. 01. the event took place for Bili in front of the Zoo Wuppertal. Many people and media were present, including the camera crew of Stern TV. Stern TV had accompanied Bili’s integration into the Bonobo Group at the Frankfurt Zoo in 2009.

When the camera crew filmed in the monkey house, Bili had been separated together with Mato. Of course, there was peace, because Mato is the only one who ignored Bili and not attacked, but can not help him. Bonobos have the women say …

Bili’s condition is Bad. He is thin, can barely move his hands, begged behind the grid for food. The Frankfurt Zoo was also present. What they were doing right there … unknown !!! It was followed by the usual explanations and fair play towards the camera team.

As soon as the camera team was gone, the rest of the group was released again on Bili. Tribe visitors also reported horrific, heart-rending scenes in front of the Bonobo facility.


My comment: The zoo parks are supported by stupid visitors. There are some parents who take their children to observe living animal inmates and think they learn about the animals.

The only thing that visitors to zoos achieve with their visit, is to make the slave trader (that`s  the zoo director) richer.
Zoos are and remain prisons where animals are kept for life and displayed for the benefit of a paying audience.

In the minds of the people, a gigantic propaganda offensive has been launched for years, which continues to this day and has contributed to the fact that zoos are still regarded in many parts of the population as “normal”, “right” and even “necessary”.

Zoos have to close! They are and will continue to be prisons!

affe-colin goldnerjpgFoto: Colin Goldman


My best regards, Venus


USA (Alaska): Father and Son Hunting Pair Jailed for Killing Mother Bear – and Then Her 2 Shrieking Cubs.




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When a father-and-son hunting pair from Alaska poached a black bear mother and her two newborn cubs in their den last year, they initially seemed to get away with it.

There was little chance for witnesses on a remote island off Alaska’s southern coast. The hunters traveled there by boat, strapping on backcountry skis to reach the bear den. But a motion-activated camera, being used for wildlife research, captured the hunters’ actions on the island, the authorities said.

This week, after pleading guilty to various poaching charges, the father, Andrew Renner, a 41-year-old from Wasilla, Alaska, was sentenced to three months in jail and barred from hunting for a decade, said Aaron Peterson, the state’s assistant attorney general, who prosecuted the case. His son Owen Renner, 18, received a 30-day suspended sentence and was required to perform community service.

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South Africa: Only 18, But Blake Puts All His Efforts Into Helping Local Animal Organsations.


This Teen Started A Recycling Drive Just to Help Shelter Animals

One Cape Town teen decided to mark his milestone eighteenth birthday not with a traditional party, but by giving back to his community. While many people just want to throw a big celebration when they turn 18, Blake Pittaway had something else on his mind: his love for animals and an overwhelming desire to help them any way he could.

Three months before his birthday, Pittaway decided he would use his birthday money and proceeds from recycling plastic to support local animal charities.

Of his birthday, Pittaway said: “I wanted it to be a truly memorable celebration where I could not only get my family and friends involved but the community.”

First, he collected plastic bottles from the community and used the money to purchase bags of dog food for Fallen Angels Pet Rescue, an animal rescue organization in the Melkbosstrand area. To date, Pittaway has accumulated enough funds to buy 1,600 kilograms of dog food. His efforts also combat pollution, resulting in less plastic in landfills and on the streets.

Pittaway’s work has become the community-wide effort he envisioned as his birthday approached. After embarking on his initial volunteer plans, the teen started Project 18, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the homeless animals at Fallen Angels Pet Rescue.

The community support the project receives is imperative to its success, especially since Pittaway is a student and can’t do all the work himself. Project 18 is made possible through volunteers, donors, and proceeds from hat sales and the refunded plastics.

Based on the organization’s blog, which tracks its progress and activities, it’s apparent that what started as one teen’s birthday wish has evolved into a major network of support, ensuring that the dogs at Fallen Angels Animal Shelter are well fed.

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WAV Comment

Well done Blake – be proud of your work; and may it go on to even bigger things to helping animals !

Eye to eye.


How about this kind of meat consumption?
Using this torture method on human species to eat their meat?
And finally with this kind of morality?
If the human species has caused so much suffering and pain to non-human species for centuries, what right would it complain of, if it suffers in the same way?

My best regards, Venus