Day: April 16, 2019

Stray animals: the bankrupt of human morality



Living on the street without a house, food, warmth, shelter or security is a miserable life. And that is the life of all stray animals. Around the world. Exposed to human indifference, ignorance and very often to human crime.
Most of them had a warm, private house before.
This may have started in Christmas or in Easter, when the family decided to have an animal as a gift for the offspring. And with the splendor of the holidays, the interest in the animal is also extinguished.

No neighbor or friend or even authority will ask what has become of the dog or the cat when an animal no longer lives in the house. And no one is also punished when the “Christmas gift” has to find his new home on the street.

Young stray dog sleeping

From that moment begins the fierce fight of the abandoned against psychopaths of all kinds, who, because of sadism and hate poisoning the strays, hanging, killing, shooting or throwing them in plastic bags in the garbage container.

Katze auf Abfallkorb

So begins and ends the misery of the strays on the street. A misery that recurs several times when the newborns come. They are sealed with the same sad fate and learn from their first days how human crime and fascism work in everyday life.

hund in Moldawienjpg

In Spain, 200,000 animals are abandoned annually, more than in other EU countries. If they bring no benefits to their owners or cause too many costs, innumerable innocent animals are simply abandoned or sent to terrible killing stations, the so-called Perreras. Here, the poor dogs are squeezed into dozens of small cages and have to endure 21 days completely frightened, weak and without food, before they are cruelly killed. The operators of these Perreras are not interested in the suffering of the animals. They are unscrupulous wheelwrights, and they only target the bounty they get for every dog they catch.

perrera-puerto real Shelter 201413Perrera puerto real-Spain 2014

In Greece there are about 1.8 million stray dogs and even more stray cats.  Greece is also a country with a high crime rate against strays. More than 20,000 murdered strays per year is the balance in this country.

tote Hunde in shelter, Griechenlandjpg

23 murdered dogs in public shelter, in Crete – Greece 2013


700 000 dogs live on Italian roads!
Within five years, the number of stray dogs in Italy has doubled. In the south of the country, the situation is out of control.


Dog massacre in Catania, Italy 2014


There are very likely 6 million stray animals throughout Romania.
Bloody “cleansing” and “genocide” of stray dogs is still common practice. And lucrative business. There is still a high premium per dog for capturing stray dogs.

shelter in RumänienjpgGalati Shelter 2014 – Romania

In the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Abeba more than 8,000 stray dogs are euthanized in 2018.

streuner-mit-einem-geklauten-fleischstueck-im-maul-in-den-strassen-von-addis-abeba-streunende-tiere-Stray dog with stolen piece of meat, Addis Ababa 2014

In Moldova there is no animal protection law, above all the suffering of the dogs is unimaginable. Due to the large number of dogs, especially in the capital, the people in charge pull out all the stops. The dogs are primarily poisoned in the street and die here a slow and painful death. Many dogs are also captured and taken to death camps where they are killed. To “calm down” the animals, they are starving.

streuner Hund in Moldava nstray dogs mother in Moldova

We in Germany used to think that stray cats only exist in the southern countries, where they are known to be seen on every corner of the land during our vacation.

Wrong thought ! There are now around 2.1 million stray cats in Germany. Most of them are sick, neglected and malnourished, and painfully roam cities and cities. Ascending trend.  And last but not least, hunters shoot around 250,000 street cats a year in Germany.

streune katze in Deutschland pgStray kitten – Germany

It’s hard to list all the countries where the misery of the stray animals happens every day. Because there is no country in this world where these victims of human crime do not exist.
Left alone, abandoned, life and death means suffering and pain for stray animals. Everywhere in this world. And almost everyone in this world does not care if animals are kicked, beaten, poisoned or locked up in killing stations.

But there are also some, few people try to reduce this misery and correct the tragic results of human crime. They open their house and their heart and win a loyal friend for life.
Someone who has experienced so much hate, rejection and cruelty in his live will be happy with every little bit of love and tenderness. And forever grateful!
I mean: a life without animals is possible, but meaningless!


My bet regards to all, Venus