Day: April 4, 2019

USA: Anti Environmental ESA Lobbyist David Bernhardt to be the next Secretary of the Interior ? -Take Action.



The Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources voted just minutes ago to advance the nomination of David Bernhardt to be the next Secretary of the Interior.

Please add your name to our petition asking the Senate to reject former lobbyist David Bernhardt’s nomination as Secretary of the Department of Interior.


Lobbyist 1

David Bernhardt worked for years to undermine the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in his role as a lobbyist and is the chief architect of the Trump Administration’s radical revision of its responsibilities under the Act that will put dozens of species in greater peril. He has a long and deeply troubling history of prioritizing his clients over conservation and has used his current office of Deputy Secretary of the Interior to continue his mission of weakening wildlife protections. He has yet to be confirmed but is already the subject of at least 17 scandals1.

David Bernhardt is a disastrous nomination for this office. The Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources should have stopped him when they had the chance. Now, it is up to the rest of the Senate.

Please sign our community petition to the Senate asking that they reject this horrendous nomination.

Thank you,


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Endangered Species Coalition
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Easter: nothing else than blood orgy for lambs!


lämmer auf der Wiesejpg

A shiver goes through me when I see lambs walking across the meadows in the spring, because what the lambs do not know, but I know, is that many of them only have to live until Easter. In Easter, lambs and sheep suffer more than other animals for a few minutes of enjoyment of the human that we, the people, hypocritically call “Christian tradition”.

The “tradition” of slaughtering lambs at Easter has its roots in the Jewish Passover feast. According to the Old Testament, God commanded his people, who at the time lived as slaves under the rule of the Egyptians, to slaughter a lamb and use their blood to smear the posts of their homes.
God had decided to meet and kill all the firstborn in Egypt in one night. Only the families whose homes were marked with the blood of the lambs would be spared. Jesus was crucified during the Passover feast and was called Agnus Dei, the Lamb of God who took the guilt of the world.

But the Lamb is an involuntary “sacrificial animal”, Jesus one voluntarily for the sins of humanity.

lämmlein markiert zum schlachten_n

At the same time in the Old Testament we read: “Thou shalt not kill.” – That obviously applies only to people, for the Catholic Church recognizes the soul only in people.

Unfortunately, in Germany alone, up to 100,000 lambs are still killed, especially for the Easter holidays. The animal children are snatched from their mothers and must suffer a brutal death in the slaughterhouse.

Lämmleien am Schlachthof guckend n

Milk lambs are considered a delicacy. They have never taken anything other than breast milk, that they are slaughtered is particularly disgusting. The comparison with human babies seems macabre, but is obvious.

Although the lamb embodies innocence, it lasts only a few weeks before being dragged away by his mother and sent to an often long and brutal transport to a slaughterhouse.

The biggest hypocrisy in Easter is, that everywhere at this time with sweet chicks, lambs and rabbits are advertised, which joyously hoppeln over the meadow, are happy and above all alive. But still lambs and rabbits like to end up eaten as a roast on their plates for Easter.

In the name of “tradition”. In fact, because this society likes to adopt surrendering barbarities when they serve their fun and enjoyment.


The undercover research on this Video carried out by Animal Equality in various farms and slaughterhouses in Italy reveals the atrocities inevitably associated with the consumption of meat during the Easter holidays.

The worst thing is how lightly violence is used. While it does not seem to be “fun” for the slaughterers to torture the animals, the brutal practices are carried out with such indifference and routine violence as if such a brutal murder were perfectly normal for them. With the same naturalness, the butchers would slit a sack of potatoes!!

Je suis Lamm_n

That’s why we’re posting videos, and if someone said … “but we know that” … we’ll continue to post those videos. In the name of the animals and because we owe it to the Easter victims.

Because, ALL people, whether good or evil, stupid or clever, atheistic or religious, Christians, Buddists, Islamists – all MUST be enlightened in the interests of the cause.

Lämmlein allein vor LKW n

Because religion, often in the guise of tradition, is largely responsible for the misery of animals and a centuries-long education of the people to slavery, the use and the brutal murder of animals. Every religion!

Easter is a perverted blood orgy in the name of the religious tradition!

My best regards to all, Venus



Australia: Government Fails Welfare of Live Export Animals Yet Again – Take Action – See Below.


Aus cattle ex Aprril.png

Mark, we bring you the sad news that today, we’ve learned of the latest in a long line of repeated failures by the live export industry.

Once again, live exporters have proven they cannot be trusted to protect Australian animals overseas.
An ABC investigation has today revealed horrific footage of starving, sick, dead and dying dairy cattle exported to Sri Lanka.

These cows were exported under the promise of good health and long lives as breeding stock for Sri Lankan farmers.

Instead, local farmers have been devastated to receive cattle unprepared for the local climate, susceptible to disease, with many facing terrible suffering and a slow, painful death.

Lammermoor Estate dairy farm manager Malik Gunasekaran strokes the nose of a cow.

The live export industry has failed these animals, failed Australian and Sri Lankan farmers, and failed the Australian community once again.

Right now, breeding and production animals are not covered by the existing ‘ESCAS’ Australian regulatory scheme for live export supply chains.

A calf is sprawled on the concrete with its legs askew in Sri Lanka.

This needs to change, now.

No one is protecting Australian dairy cattle from this cruelty, and it’s not good enough.

Urgent action must be taken to prevent more needless suffering.

These are Australia’s #ForgottenAnimals, and they need our protection now more than ever.

Join us in calling for an immediate halt to the exports to Sri Lanka, and an urgent review of the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) to include dairy and breeder animals.

Back haunches of cows in Sri Lanka with bones showing through hide.

Take action – this link includes video footage options of terrible conditions:

BREAKING NEWS – The ABC has revealed horrifying images and footage of sick, dying and dead dairy cattle and calves, that had been live exported to Sri Lanka for use in breeding and production.

CLICK HERE to see the full story. Warning – this story contains distressing imagery and footage.

CLICK HERE to read our media statement.

Each year Australia sends tens of thousands of dairy cattle and breeding animals all over the world to places like China, Indonesia, Taiwan and Malaysia to help them make dairy products and improve their local herds through breeding programs.

But unfortunately for these animals there are no laws to protect them from cruelty once they leave Australia, and nothing that guarantees their destination has the capacity to care for them – they are the forgotten animals.

While Australia’s live export regulation has been repeatedly proven to be inadequate, animals live exported for breeding or production have no protections at all.

They are the #forgottenanimals, and it’s not good enough.

Join us in demanding that the Australian government acts now to protect these animals from cruelty.

Don’t let these animals be forgotten.

Take Action

The Australian Government must act now to review the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS), and ensure it is expanded to protect animals live exported for production and breeding overseas, as well those designated for slaughter.