Australia: Government Fails Welfare of Live Export Animals Yet Again – Take Action – See Below.


Aus cattle ex Aprril.png

Mark, we bring you the sad news that today, we’ve learned of the latest in a long line of repeated failures by the live export industry.

Once again, live exporters have proven they cannot be trusted to protect Australian animals overseas.
An ABC investigation has today revealed horrific footage of starving, sick, dead and dying dairy cattle exported to Sri Lanka.

These cows were exported under the promise of good health and long lives as breeding stock for Sri Lankan farmers.

Instead, local farmers have been devastated to receive cattle unprepared for the local climate, susceptible to disease, with many facing terrible suffering and a slow, painful death.

Lammermoor Estate dairy farm manager Malik Gunasekaran strokes the nose of a cow.

The live export industry has failed these animals, failed Australian and Sri Lankan farmers, and failed the Australian community once again.

Right now, breeding and production animals are not covered by the existing ‘ESCAS’ Australian regulatory scheme for live export supply chains.

A calf is sprawled on the concrete with its legs askew in Sri Lanka.

This needs to change, now.

No one is protecting Australian dairy cattle from this cruelty, and it’s not good enough.

Urgent action must be taken to prevent more needless suffering.

These are Australia’s #ForgottenAnimals, and they need our protection now more than ever.

Join us in calling for an immediate halt to the exports to Sri Lanka, and an urgent review of the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) to include dairy and breeder animals.

Back haunches of cows in Sri Lanka with bones showing through hide.

Take action – this link includes video footage options of terrible conditions:

BREAKING NEWS – The ABC has revealed horrifying images and footage of sick, dying and dead dairy cattle and calves, that had been live exported to Sri Lanka for use in breeding and production.

CLICK HERE to see the full story. Warning – this story contains distressing imagery and footage.

CLICK HERE to read our media statement.

Each year Australia sends tens of thousands of dairy cattle and breeding animals all over the world to places like China, Indonesia, Taiwan and Malaysia to help them make dairy products and improve their local herds through breeding programs.

But unfortunately for these animals there are no laws to protect them from cruelty once they leave Australia, and nothing that guarantees their destination has the capacity to care for them – they are the forgotten animals.

While Australia’s live export regulation has been repeatedly proven to be inadequate, animals live exported for breeding or production have no protections at all.

They are the #forgottenanimals, and it’s not good enough.

Join us in demanding that the Australian government acts now to protect these animals from cruelty.

Don’t let these animals be forgotten.

Take Action

The Australian Government must act now to review the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS), and ensure it is expanded to protect animals live exported for production and breeding overseas, as well those designated for slaughter.

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