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England: There Is More To The Jill Story When You Have the Facts.


Venus was asking a bit more about Jill and Coventry airport protests today – here I will let the newspapers talk about it – Mark.

Did you wonder why I / we in the UK anti live export groups have such a thing about the death of our beloved Jill (Phipps) ?

Well, below is the reason. The ‘businessman’ behind the export of live calves where Jill was crushed to death by an export truck, was very soon afterwards found to be smuggling £22 million worth of Cocaine into the UK via Southend airport which is near to London, in Essex.

He was given a 20 year jail sentence for this. Some small justice for the murder of our Jill, but he should have rotted in jail to this very day; we don’t need scum like this around; especially when they export live animals like the calves; and kill decent young people like our Jill. This is the kind that are involved in the live animal export trade. ‘Businessman’ ? – No; we can think of much better realistic descriptions for him.

Read on to find out more about the calf exporting, Coke smuggling ‘businessman’.

I hope he rots in a dark place;

For Jill xx;

Regards Mark.

Twenty-four years ago, five crew members died when a Boeing 737 crashed in thick fog as it made its final approach to Coventry Airport.

At just before 10am on Wednesday, December 21, 1994, the cargo plane collided with an electricity pylon about a mile from the runway.

The impact damaged the left engine and wing and the aircraft rolled to the left and dropped, clipping a house on the Willenhall housing estate before crashing into woodland near Middle Ride and catching fire.

Miraculously no-one on the ground was killed, but all five air crew perished, making it the city’s worst air disaster.


The Air Algerie plane had been chartered by Phoenix Aviation – headed by Christopher Barrett-Jolley – to carry veal calves to the continent.

A coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death, while air accident investigators said pilot error and tiredness were factors in the crash.

Veal EU 2

A businessman once at the centre of protests because of his export of live calves was today beginning a 20-year jail sentence after being convicted of plotting to smuggle £22m worth of cocaine into the UK.


veal EU 1


Pilot Christopher Barrett-Jolley, 55, of Wellington, Somerset, was at the controls of a Boeing 707 freight airliner that flew from the West Indies to Southend, Essex, in October 2001 carrying six suitcases packed with more than 270kg (nearly 600lb) of cocaine, Basildon crown court heard.

Barrett-Jolley came to attention a decade ago over the export of live animals to the continent. He was the head of a firm called Phoenix Aviation which ran a veal export business from Baginton airport, near Coventry, Warwickshire.

In 1994 five people died when a returning veal flight crashed into a wood as it approached the airport.

A year later animal rights activist Jill Phipps, 31, was crushed to death by a lorry at one of the protests against the trade. Phoenix Aviation’s trade was criticised by leading church figures. The company went out of business in 1995.


Cocaine smuggling businessman jailed

A businessman at the centre of protests because of his export of live calves was today beginning a 20-year jail sentence after being convicted of plotting to smuggle £22 million worth of cocaine into the UK.


Veal EU 2

Pilot Christopher Barrett-Jolley, 55, of Wellington, Somerset, was at the controls of a Boeing 707 freight airliner which flew from the West Indies to Southend, Essex, in October 2001 carrying six suitcases packed with more than 270kg (nearly 600lb) of cocaine, Basildon Crown Court heard.

Barrett-Jolley’s brother-in-law and co-pilot, Peter Carine, 50, of Hensall, North Yorkshire, was also jailed for 20 years.

Nestle’s crime




Nestlé is not only the world’s largest mineral water producer, but also a milk entrepreneur, and it sources more than 12 million tonnes of fresh milk equivalents from more than 30 countries.
More and more cruelties from the dairy industry are being exposed, including from a dairy that supplies Nestlè.
So horrible conditions were revealed that some shots could not be shown in the media because of brutality.
Over the past decade, Nestlé has been accused by many experts and organizations around the world for its unethical business practices in the way it conducts its business.

“Dairy farming is one of the strongest engines of growth in rural development,” says Nestlé in a 2010 brochure, and Nestlé needs a lot of milk.
In the US, a Nestlé dairy company has now been charged because of animal abuse:
Cows are being beaten, kicked and brutally mistreated. A recent investigation by Compassion over Killing shows how cows are being tortured in this US dairy supplying Nestlé. The footage was shot in Martin Farms, a large dairy in Pennsylvania, USA. In one case, an employee shot an exhausted cow in the head. She suffered torment for almost a minute before being shot again and she died.


Workers kicked, stomped and hit cows, or sprayed hot water on their faces to make them move quickly. In another shocking incident, an employee stabbed a cow without anesthetic into the stomach to treat a stomach ailment.

The Compassion Over Killing investigator followed a van directly from Martin Farms to a factory where Nestlé’s ice creams are produced, among others Häagen Dazs and Dryers.

One of Compassion Over Killing managed to work with a hidden camera on the farm for one and a half months. The farm’s mission is to provide milk to Nestle in Maryland. What he experienced, he now describes in a petition to Nestlé:

“I recently worked undercover for Compassion Over Killing in a huge dairy in Pennsylvania. Instead of the boisterous “happy cows” we see in commercials for dairy products, I documented at Martin Farms extreme violence against defenseless calves and suckler cows treated as milk-producing machines – violence worse than anything I’ve ever seen before.
COK wanted to find out how this cruelty could prevail among American consumers. And so we followed a truck that brought Martin Farm’s miserable milk directly to one of the largest ice cream factories in the world, where Dreyer,Edy’s and Häagen-Dazs produce ice for the world’s largest food and dairy company – Nestlé. “


COK handed over the evidence to the Pennsylvania State Police and the district attorney in Franklin County and demands swift legal action against Martin Farms.

In a statement released shortly after the covert video was released, Nestlé claimed it had broken the link to Martin Farms. But other cows still suffer through the hands of their suppliers.

My comment:  Turning on the Internet every day gives you the impression that the whole world is all about one thing: the killing of animals for profit, business, products, brands and food. The abominable cruelty of man affected the entire animal kingdom. In fact, we can not find a single species that has not been abused by humans. Not a single one.

Philip Wollen said: “being tortured by a member of your own kind is bad enough. But being tortured by a member of a more powerful kind for a purpose you can not fathom, is appalling!!”

Calf slaughter, artificial insemination of cows, the removal of tiny calves from their mothers, the forcible killing of “unprofitable” calves – all this is known to today’s consumers. But nothing interests people less than the suffering of the other species. It’s people who basically feel ethically ok about eating animals. A horrible scam – a scam of the worst kind.

Unfortunately, our morally bankrupt politicians are under the control of industrial meat and dairy drug cartels. And therefore more powerful than ever. The example with Nestlè, Monsantos, Bayer … confirms that every day.

We have to cooperate closely with each other; only together do we have a chance to make the solidarity message audible everywhere.
The mission of the Animal Rights Movement is more than just talking about the rights of “animals”.
It’s also about speaking out against the wrong thing people do.
And that includes political knowledge and action.
Every cruelty that ends is a destruction less on this earth.

To end or mitigate this omnipresent cruelty is our mission.

My best regards to all, Venus



A nice story



One day, the frogs decided to run a race. To make it especially difficult, they set a goal to reach the highest point of a large tower.
On the day of the race, many other frogs gathered to watch.
Then finally – the race began.

Now, it was true that none of the looking frogs really believed that even one of the participating frogs could actually reach their destination. Instead of cheering for the runners, they shouted “Oh! the poor! They’ll never make it! ” or ” That’s just impossible”! or ” You never can! ”

And it really seemed as if the audience was right, because gradually more and more frogs gave up.
The audience kept shouting, “Oh, the poor! They will never make it! ”

And indeed all the frogs soon gave up – all except one, who climbed abruptly up the steep tower – and was the only one who reached the target.
The spectator frogs were completely stunned and everyone wanted to know how it was possible.
One of the other participant frogs approached him to ask how he had managed to win the race.
And then they realized that this frog was deaf!

Author unknown

My best regards, Venus

Plastic litter in oceans has significantly increased since 1990s, study says.

The CPR has been used to survey oceans since 1931.

The CPR has been used to survey oceans since 1931. ( Screenshot/Guy Baker )

Plastic litter in oceans has significantly increased since 1990s, study says

Researchers find plastic waste dating from 1965

Plastic litter in the world’s oceans has significantly increased since the 1990s, according to a new study.

Scientists from the University of Plymouth examined data collected over 60 years and 6.5m nautical miles for the research.

They concluded that there had been a “significant increase” in larger plastic items found in the ocean from 1957 to 2016.

Plastic objects such as bags, rope and netting were among those retrieved from oceans.

The earliest piece of plastic the researchers traced was a bag, found in 1965 off the northwest coast of Ireland.

Click on the above link to read the article in full.


Some more pictures not related to the article:

plastic beach 2

plastic whale trash

plastic beach 3




Flight to freedom failed




An escaped cow has caused a stir on Saturday, April 13, in the district of Altötting, a city 90 kilometers from Munich. Firefighters, police and farmers have tried to capture the animal. Without success. Stun darts have shown no effect. “The distance was too big, the cow has always moved away”, explains the police in Altötting opposite the  “Passauer New Press”.

-kuh-drama-kastl-Po6aThe cow on the way to freedom

In the end, the cow was shot by a hunter in a field. The measure had previously been discussed with the owners (!!!) it is said by the police Altötting against the “Passauer Neue Presse”.

Meanwhile, it is officially confirmed that the cattle were shot. “The cow would have become a danger to road traffic,” said a spokesman for the responsible police inspection in Altötting. The animal was already bristled at 7 o’clock in the morning, whereupon firefighters, policemen and farmers searched for the animal.

kuh-drama-kastl-2WESF83h6aThe cow, still in freedom

When the animal could be surrounded in the area of the state road 2107, a forest ranger tried several times to anesthetize this with an anesthetic rifle. However, the forester did not succeed in getting close enough to the cow. That’s why the animal was finally shot.

“The cow would have become a danger to road traffic,” said a spokesman for the responsible police inspection in Altötting.

-kuh-drama-kastl-Image: the execution

Originally outgrown the cow was apparently in Gasteig in the district of Altötting. Then she ran towards Altötting and was there initially surrounded by the forces in the area of the state highway.

According to local information, a hunter was used to disable the animal with an air rifle. The hunter, who had the necessary permission to shoot the cow with the stun gun, could not bring it down. Therefore, the animal is said to have been killed with sharp shots, according to information from site. Closer backgrounds are currently unknown.

My comment: This is not the first time that a slave has had a happy opportunity to escape his terrible fate in the tyrant hands of our conspecifics.
How cowardly is that! They take the right to go armed against a peaceful animal that is unarmed and has never done anything to anyone!

And for experienced murderers, it is natural to justify their systematic violence against animals with really ridiculous rules of order, which in reality have the function of veiling the injustice and making it invisible.

It makes us very sad, because it was pain and despair, fainting and death the price of freedom for our friend, because the ruling species wants to remain always the culprit.

My best regards to all, Venus





WAV Comment – Aus elections soon; lets hope the electorate send a clear message to the politicians who appear to live on a different planet – live exports, this – vote and make a difference.

Breaking: Australian police have seized a baby calf and arrested animal rescuers, please sign petition

by Stacey

Aus rescued calf.png


Please click HERE to sign petition

Please click HERE to watch brief video about Theo and James

Source Direct Action Everywhere
By Cassie King

My friend James found a sick calf collapsed on the floor of a veal farm. He named him Theo and rushed him to medical care. Now, Australian police have thrown James in jail and are searching for Theo. They’ve already removed one calf from a loving family — a calf they believe is Theo — and now that baby is alone and destined to be slaughtered. But the Premier of Western Australia, Mark McGowan, has the power to call off the hunt for Theo.

Contact Premier Mark McGowan now and ask him to protect Theo.

Authorities in Australia and around the world are cracking down on animal rights activists for simple acts of compassion. Governments need to know that when they side with animal abusers, the public does not support them. They should be protecting animals like Theo and supporting animal rescuers like James. Please help Theo by sharing this video and contacting Mark McGowan today.

Thank you,


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