WAV Comment – Aus elections soon; lets hope the electorate send a clear message to the politicians who appear to live on a different planet – live exports, this – vote and make a difference.

Breaking: Australian police have seized a baby calf and arrested animal rescuers, please sign petition

by Stacey

Aus rescued calf.png


Please click HERE to sign petition

Please click HERE to watch brief video about Theo and James

Source Direct Action Everywhere
By Cassie King

My friend James found a sick calf collapsed on the floor of a veal farm. He named him Theo and rushed him to medical care. Now, Australian police have thrown James in jail and are searching for Theo. They’ve already removed one calf from a loving family — a calf they believe is Theo — and now that baby is alone and destined to be slaughtered. But the Premier of Western Australia, Mark McGowan, has the power to call off the hunt for Theo.

Contact Premier Mark McGowan now and ask him to protect Theo.

Authorities in Australia and around the world are cracking down on animal rights activists for simple acts of compassion. Governments need to know that when they side with animal abusers, the public does not support them. They should be protecting animals like Theo and supporting animal rescuers like James. Please help Theo by sharing this video and contacting Mark McGowan today.

Thank you,


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