Nestle’s crime




Nestlé is not only the world’s largest mineral water producer, but also a milk entrepreneur, and it sources more than 12 million tonnes of fresh milk equivalents from more than 30 countries.
More and more cruelties from the dairy industry are being exposed, including from a dairy that supplies Nestlè.
So horrible conditions were revealed that some shots could not be shown in the media because of brutality.
Over the past decade, Nestlé has been accused by many experts and organizations around the world for its unethical business practices in the way it conducts its business.

“Dairy farming is one of the strongest engines of growth in rural development,” says Nestlé in a 2010 brochure, and Nestlé needs a lot of milk.
In the US, a Nestlé dairy company has now been charged because of animal abuse:
Cows are being beaten, kicked and brutally mistreated. A recent investigation by Compassion over Killing shows how cows are being tortured in this US dairy supplying Nestlé. The footage was shot in Martin Farms, a large dairy in Pennsylvania, USA. In one case, an employee shot an exhausted cow in the head. She suffered torment for almost a minute before being shot again and she died.


Workers kicked, stomped and hit cows, or sprayed hot water on their faces to make them move quickly. In another shocking incident, an employee stabbed a cow without anesthetic into the stomach to treat a stomach ailment.

The Compassion Over Killing investigator followed a van directly from Martin Farms to a factory where Nestlé’s ice creams are produced, among others Häagen Dazs and Dryers.

One of Compassion Over Killing managed to work with a hidden camera on the farm for one and a half months. The farm’s mission is to provide milk to Nestle in Maryland. What he experienced, he now describes in a petition to Nestlé:

“I recently worked undercover for Compassion Over Killing in a huge dairy in Pennsylvania. Instead of the boisterous “happy cows” we see in commercials for dairy products, I documented at Martin Farms extreme violence against defenseless calves and suckler cows treated as milk-producing machines – violence worse than anything I’ve ever seen before.
COK wanted to find out how this cruelty could prevail among American consumers. And so we followed a truck that brought Martin Farm’s miserable milk directly to one of the largest ice cream factories in the world, where Dreyer,Edy’s and Häagen-Dazs produce ice for the world’s largest food and dairy company – Nestlé. “


COK handed over the evidence to the Pennsylvania State Police and the district attorney in Franklin County and demands swift legal action against Martin Farms.

In a statement released shortly after the covert video was released, Nestlé claimed it had broken the link to Martin Farms. But other cows still suffer through the hands of their suppliers.

My comment:  Turning on the Internet every day gives you the impression that the whole world is all about one thing: the killing of animals for profit, business, products, brands and food. The abominable cruelty of man affected the entire animal kingdom. In fact, we can not find a single species that has not been abused by humans. Not a single one.

Philip Wollen said: “being tortured by a member of your own kind is bad enough. But being tortured by a member of a more powerful kind for a purpose you can not fathom, is appalling!!”

Calf slaughter, artificial insemination of cows, the removal of tiny calves from their mothers, the forcible killing of “unprofitable” calves – all this is known to today’s consumers. But nothing interests people less than the suffering of the other species. It’s people who basically feel ethically ok about eating animals. A horrible scam – a scam of the worst kind.

Unfortunately, our morally bankrupt politicians are under the control of industrial meat and dairy drug cartels. And therefore more powerful than ever. The example with Nestlè, Monsantos, Bayer … confirms that every day.

We have to cooperate closely with each other; only together do we have a chance to make the solidarity message audible everywhere.
The mission of the Animal Rights Movement is more than just talking about the rights of “animals”.
It’s also about speaking out against the wrong thing people do.
And that includes political knowledge and action.
Every cruelty that ends is a destruction less on this earth.

To end or mitigate this omnipresent cruelty is our mission.

My best regards to all, Venus



One thought on “Nestle’s crime”

  1. How people can do and support this is beyond me, I cannot even get through the first few seconds without crying. Those poor sweet beings, so innocent and defenseless, it’s heartbreaking and sosososo wrong.


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