Day: June 18, 2019

Belgium: 49 hunting seaters destroyed!


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Received anonymously, Jun 08:

In May 2019, a group of antispeciesist activists destroyed 49 hunting stands close to the city of Namur, Belgium.

jäger in Jochsitz

The purpose of this type of actions is to cause financial dammage to hunters in order to keep them from killing.

Hunting is absolutely not a way to regulate anything. Hunters create a situation of imbalance in the nature just to have an excuse to intervene and kill the predators they introduced themselves. They also introduce preys. They keep them locked in the forest and they only liberate them to kill them.


Hunters say they restore natural balance but nature never needed any human being to be balanced. Actually, hunters destroy the natural balance and then pretends to be able to fix the problem they created.

The truth is that hunters need an excuse to legitimate the fact that they kill sentients beings for pleasure.


So tell them to expect us. Cause as long as there will be hunters, there will be activists to track them.

En mai 2019, un groupe d’activistes antispécistes ont détruit 49 tours de chasse dans les environs de la ville de Namur, en Belgique.

Le but de ce type d’actions est de causer un dommage financier aux chasseur.euse.s et ainsi de les emêcher de tuer.

La chasse n’est absolument pas un moyen de réguler quoi que ce soit. Les chasseur.euse.s créent en fait une situation de déséquilibre dans la nature juste pour avoir une raison d’intervenir en tuant les pré qu’ils ont elleux-mêmes introduit.e.s. Iels introduisent aussi des proies qu’iels tiennent enfermées dans des élevages dans la forêt et ne libèrent que pour pouvoir les chasser.

Les chasseur.euse.s disent restaurer l’équilibre de la nature mais le fait est que la nature n’a jamais eu besoin de quel être humain que ce soit pour retrouver son équilibre. En fait, ce que font réellement les chasseur.euse.s, c’est détruire l’équilibre de la nature et prétendre être les seul.e.s capables de réparer les dommages qu’iels ont elleux-mêmes créés.

La vérité, c’est que les chasseur.euse.s ont besoin d’une excuse pour légitimer le fait qu’ils aiment tuer des êtres sentients par plaisir. Mais qu’iels se tiennent prêts, car tant qu’il y aura des chasseur.euse.s, il y aura des activistes pour les traquer.


My comment: At least from these 49 murder seats, no animal will be shot dead!! In Germany, the legal status of these shooting facilities is not clear. Not all are legal, but no one can prove it. This is the reason that very often the hunters, whose high seats are destroyed, do not file a criminal complaint against the unknown offenders.

Therefore, we can be happy if a hunting seat is destroyed. And if that’s 49, the more!
That is not forbidden!

My best regards, Venus



Norway: the farms of the blood are over!


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There are about 300 fur farms in Norwayeach year more than 800,000 animals are killed there. That should stop, the new government in Oslo has now decided. But not right now.

Last Monday, the Norwegian government made its decision: By 2025 there should be no more fur farms in Norway! It is a big step forward for animal welfare and also for Norway, a country that led the fox fur production. How this will affect the sale of fur in Norway is still unclear.
According to animal welfare organization PETA, there are currently about 300 fur farms in Norway, where over 700,000 mink and 110,000 foxes are bred and killed each year.


Thanks to Norway’s Liberal Party, which is strongly committed to the welfare of animals and the environment, this proposal was presented last Sunday to the new coalition.

Norway is thus after the Netherlands, which also get out of the fur production in 2024, the country with the second largest fur industry, which has ever issued a ban.

There are 200 to 250 fur farms, which are gradually dissolved, until in 2025 finally no longer exists. The Ministry of Agriculture reported that there are 610,000 mink and 150,000 foxes in the farms.


Andrzej Pazgan, coordinator for Eastern Europe at the animal welfare organization PETA Germany, said in an interview that the political decision was long overdue:

“In fact, this decision has been discussed for several years, but was repeatedly believed the promises of the fur industry, that the documented farms were only ‘black sheeps’ and that improvements would be possible. “(!!!)

FUCHSPELZ, LANDWIRTSCHAFT,Norwegian fur farmer Per Blilie (C) skins one of his foxes at his farm in Gjovik, Norway, 28 November 2010.

While animal rights activists in Norway and around the world are celebrating the decision, the Norwegian operators of fur farms are appalled that their very existence is at stake. The fur breeders’ association said the producers were “shaken to the core” (!!!)


The fight has been going on for a long time, not only for animal welfare organizations, but also for scientists and the Norwegian people. The French daily “Le Monde” reports that 68% of Norwegians are against fur. Further figures confirm this: 99% of the fur trade in Norway would not be possible without exports, especially to Russia and China.

Siri Martinsen, veterinarian and director of the largest non-governmental organization for animal welfare in Norway (NOAH) is relieved:

“This is a great victory for the animals and those who fight for them. The government has finally heard the opinion of the majority of the population and the scientists who call the fur trade sector obsolete and brutal”.

The motion still has to be passed by Parliament, but seven out of nine parties have already voted in favor. So it’s just a formality. The fur farms will be compensated in parallel to the closures.

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute and the Norwegian Veterinary Association also agree and point to the catastrophic living conditions of the animals in the fur farms. What is questioned here is the lack of humanity:

“We reject the cruel conditions that animals are subjected to in captivity. They are not compatible with their physiological needs”.


My comment: And now the fur farm owners complain again: we are financially ruined, our livelihood is broken …
There are many other decent professions: teachers, mail boats, locomotive drivers …. To live from the blood of others is not a job, it is a legalized crime that a civilized society no longer needs and no longer wants.
It is enough shameful that all fur hangmen are compensated with EU funds (our money) for making croupels out of the animals in cages that they gassed, electrified and skinned  alive.


The fur mafia is one of the most violent and bloodiest industries in the world and the hypocritical “Origin Assured” label (ie, “safe provenance” fur) is nothing more than a marketing tactic to veil the industry’s true atrocities. The Origin Assured Fur label has one dirty purpose: to make people feel better when they support one of the world’s cruelest industries.

And now a small overview of the success we have had in the fur industry in recent years:

Austria, Great Britain, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzigowina, Serbia and Macedonia have legally prohibited fur farms.

The Swiss Animal Protection Act stipulates how wild animals such as mink and foxes must be kept under zoo standards. These requirements are so high that Switzerland has long been free of fur farms.

In the Czech Republic, a fur farm ban will come into force in 2019, in Norway in 2025.

In the Netherlands, the second largest mink producer in Europe, keeping chinchillas and foxes is already prohibited. The last mink farms will close in 2024.

In March 2019, it was announced that no animals were kept at the last German fur farm in Rahden (NRW). Even though the farm has not yet been deregistered by the local authorities, it can be assumed that no new animals will be used due to the high legal requirements that will apply from 2022 onwards. The penultimate farm in Döhlen (Saxony) was closed in 2018.

In the EU, import and trade in sealskins, as well as dog and cat skins are now prohibited. Unfortunately these come as “faux fur mislabeled in the trade.

And the market leader China, with 69 percent of global fur production, we will soon abolish or damage so badly that China will automatically stop running this bloody fur business.

My best regards to all, Venus