Day: June 28, 2019

We live in a world of abundance!

Overproduction is neither responsible use of food nor is it environmentally conscious!

About a third of all food produced worldwide is not consumed, but thrown away! And it does not just affect fruits and vegetables, but also meat!

AbundanceIt is well known that meat production has a huge impact on the environment and that high meat consumption can have harmful effects on human health.
State economic aid not only rewards the increase in meat production, but produces more than consumers buy.

Meat is thrown away before it even reaches the supermarket shelves! Food waste occurs throughout the entire production chain – and although it is known, production continues to be subsidized and food waste increases!


It is shameful that supermarket chains only want to reduce their food waste by 2030!
Why not stop this overproduction immediately? You should just delete the subsidies!

For example, Europe imports cheap fruits and vegetables, but also meat from other countries where it is produced cheaply, processes it and then exports it to distant countries at low prices and destroys the market there! Is not it sick?


For years containers with tangerines or tomatoes from China have been coming to Europe, landing in Dossen and being exported to Australia, for example!

We live in a world of abundance – with terrible consequences!

palmoel.j und Opfer Affepg

And I mean:  Nature dies of the criminal behavior of a species, the human species.
And every day, the population clock is ticking faster than the global collapse … today 200,000 more people, tomorrow 200,000 more people, the day after tomorrow 200,000 more people, the day after tomorrow … Until the last final chord!
The unrestrained growth of humanity is the root cause that permanently destroys the future of human being, animal being and nature.

My best regards to all, Venus









Vietnam: 4 Bears Rescued from a Vietnamese Resort (by Animals Asia) are Home And Starting A New Life at Their Sanctuary.

Vietnam flagge


jill rob


On the 24th of this month we reported of a rescue which was underway by Animals Asia to rescue 4 moon bears. See the post:


Well now – 28th June; we can report that all 4 bears have been rescued and have now arrived at the Vietnam AA sanctuary after a gruelling 3 days on the road.

Here below is the report from Tuan Bendixsen OAM PhD – Vietnam Director, Animals Asia:


Mark, you got them home.

After three days on the road, the four bears we rescued from a Vietnamese resort are home at our sanctuary.

AA June 2019 1

And because of you, these gorgeous bears who’ve suffered for so long – girls Sweet Pea, Phuong and Lily and our handsome boy Scooby – will know only kindness from now on. Without your urgent help, they’d almost certainly have been sold on to a circus or bile farm.

Instead they’re home. And already they’re feeling your love. With every bite of healing food and every kind word, these beautiful animals are one step closer to recovery.

But along with lonely little Solo who was rescued last week from a cage on a construction site, these poor bears have a long way to go before they’re over their trauma.

They’ve probably had no veterinary care their whole lives. All need full health checks under anaesthesia and possibly surgery or lifelong treatment. And it all costs money. If you haven’t given yet, please consider a gift of £15 to help them recover.

So far we know…

Sweet Pea has a long wound on her nose from an unknown trauma. And this poor bear (pictured here) must be so glad the 1,400km road trip is over. She’s been car sick much of the way.

Phuong has scarring on her nose. Her eyes are scarred too, so we’re worried about her vision.

Lily is shy and a little skinny. She has some hair loss at the tips of her ears.

Scooby is very small for a male, but already he’s showing us he’s quite a character. He’s calm and confident, likes banana leaves and LOVES jam.

We’re told that some of these bears were previously abused in circuses, but we don’t have clear answers yet. And maybe never will. But right now we’re focused on one thing…. making the poor bears well.

We’ll know more about their health soon and we’ll send you an update in a week. In the meantime, know that they’ll be getting the best care in the world… and we’ll be giving them your love and reassuring them that their nightmare is over.

My sincere thanks,



PS Sweet little Solo, who spent 14 years in a cage, is learning to eat fresh, healthy food. She’s sure to put on weight soon. With the temperatures soaring, our little water baby is loving her hose showers and juicy summer fruits.

PPS Thank you so much if you’ve given to our Annual Sanctuary Appeal. Your gift has been doubled. And sun bear Aurora is feeling your kindness already. She’s found her soul mate in younger male bear Goldie. And because of you, more bears like Aurora will know what true love feels like. If you haven’t given yet, you still have two days to double your donation.

Ireland: Strong Rumours It Will Ban Fur Farming – Joining Lots of Other EU Nations.



Fur farming is to be banned in Ireland, the Irish Examiner can reveal.

Agriculture Minister Michael Creed is to bring a proposal to Government this week to phase out fur farms.

The Government has been under increasing pressure to follow the lead of 14 other EU countries, which have already banned fur farms.

However, the move is a dramatic shift in Government policy.

Solidarity-PBP TD Ruth Coppinger, a long-time anti-fur campaigner, had already received support from across opposition, including from Fianna Fáil, Sinn Féin, Labour, Independents 4 Change, the Green Party, and the Social Democrats, for her Prohibition of Fur Farming Bill. It is due back before the Dáil on July 3.

However, it is understood that the Government will now move on the matter.

Mr Creed is to seek approval for the drafting of legislation that would unwind the fur sector in this country in a legally robust manner.

Ending fur farming is thought to have been under consideration by the minister for some time. However, concerns around the constitutionality of such a ban, and the rights of those employed on fur farms, had delayed progress.

Around 100 people are employed in the fur industry and these jobs are in Donegal, Kerry, and Offaly.

Earlier this year, Údarás na Gaeltachta was criticised when it emerged that two Donegal-based fur farms, once of which has since stopped operating, had received over €200,000 in State funding since 2009.

The Government had already raised concerns about Ms Coppinger’s bill, claiming it is legally flawed and could expose the State to significant legal liability.

It is understood that they will now draft their own legislation, instead of adopting the Solidarity-PBP bill.

A ban on fur farming would be a policy U-turn for the Government, which, in defending the industry, have often cited the employment impact on remote and rural areas.

In February of this year, Mr Creed told the Dáil:


fur is dead


Inhumane Fur Farming Set To Be Outlawed In Ireland

“It is impossible to regulate the fur trade and somehow make it kinder. It is not farming at all. The mink are gassed at six months and their skins are pulled off.”

Fur farming is common practice in all corners of the world. The confinement of animals to tiny cages, only to gas them to death for their fur, has sadly been a standardized component of the fashion industry. According to The Independent, however, Ireland is set to ban this cruel custom as soon as July.

Ireland would become the seventh country in the European Union and the eleventh in Europe to ban fur farming.

The ruling Fine Gael party, as well as Ireland’s Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed, had been fundamentally opposed to shuttering this industry. In February Creed said that he didn’t want to close down a “legitimate, highly regulated and inspected industry” that employs around 100 people.

According to the Irish Examiner, however, Creed is apparently changing his tune after pressure from politicians and animal rights groups: He will soon propose his own bill to phase out fur farms.

Ireland’s three fur farms in Donegal, Kerry, and Laois have about 200,000 mink stuffed into small, wire-mesh cages. They live there for six months, before being gassed to death and having their pelts ripped from their bodies — for high-end fashion

The old guard, represented here by Creed, has been met with growing opposition and highly promising momentum for those against this industry.

Parliament member Ruth Coppinger currently has the support of Fianna Fail, Sinn Fein, Labour, Independents 4 Change, the Green Party, and the Social Democrat parties to push this legislation through. The groundswell seems too powerful to squash.

Coppinger eloquently explained her reasoning to end the “cruel, backward, and barbaric” practice in parliament last week.

“As solitary, wild, and semi-aquatic creatures, packing mink into metal cages in groups is alien and unnatural,” Coppinger argued. “For that reason Veterinary Ireland asserts that it is impossible to regulate the fur trade and somehow make it kinder. It is not farming at all. The mink are gassed at six months and their skins are pulled off.”

The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said this momentous push toward a fur farming ban was “fantastic news,” while others said imposing “lives of misery” on these defenseless creatures was “cruel,” and should’ve stopped long ago.

“With so many countries banning fur production, the U.K. under pressure to ban sales of fur and increasingly more designers eschewing fur in their collections, we hope the suffering caused will soon be relegated to the history books,” said Jo Swabe of Humane Society Europe.

The Irish government has yet to officially state whether or not it plans on legislating the overwhelmingly popular bill, though mounting pressure indicates a strong likelihood.

A poll in October indicated that four out of five people in Ireland supported a ban on fur farms, while several of these farms have recently gone out of business. On the other hand, some say the bill doesn’t go far enough — outlawing production of fur is a great step, but fur sales should be prohibited as well.

According to The Fur Free Alliance, the U.K. spearheaded the ban on fur farming in 2000. Since then, Austria, Holland, Croatia, Slovenia, Norway, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Belgium, Macedonia, and Serbia have followed suit. Bosnia and Herzegovina plans to phase it out by 2029.

Alongside Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, and Ukraine are currently considering banning the practice as well.

Designers such as Gucci, Versace, Jimmy Choo, and Chanel have already stopped using fur in their collections. Wearing the pelts of tortured animals simply isn’t in vogue anymore, putting this prehistoric industry on the verge of disappearing altogether.

Hopefully, starting next month, Ireland will do its part to eradicate it.




Who takes our garbage?


The world garbage dump closes!


möwe mit Müllpg

Indonesia also sends plastic garbage back to its countries of origin after Malaysia and the Philippines.

More and more Asian countries do not want to be a garbage dump for the world.

müll in China pg

Europe has been dumping its waste in China for decades – without many citizens in Germany knowing about it. Now China has shut down. On January 1, 2018, China presented the world with a 111 million-ton trash problem!!!

To date, 56 percent of all plastic waste worldwide and 87 percent of all plastic waste from EU Member States have been exported to China. Germany has sent around 760,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually to China, as magazine “Die Zeit” reports.
After on January 1, 2018, China presented the world with a 111 million-ton trash problem and India followed the example of China, Europe and the US must seek new countries for their plastic waste. But already Malaysia and the Philippines have returned the containers containing the controversial plastic waste to their countries of origin. Because, as was increasingly stated, the containers were marked incorrectly.
Allegedly, the containers should contain waste paper, and when the authorities checked the contents, it was dirty plastic waste including diapers.

müll Paketejpg

When Indonesia inspected the containers and found that the containers were filled with dirty plastic garbage like diapers and other plastic garbage instead of waste paper, of course Indonesia did not want the plastic garbage and issued a decree. Now Indonesia sends the plastic waste back.

“We do not want to become a garbage dump for the world,” is the answer to the Western world.

The western countries remain sitting on their (shit) trash.


Well… now there is not much choice left. It is also worth noting that more than 320 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced annually worldwide, but only an estimated 9% are recycled. The ban on Beijing forced Western companies, which do not have their own waste recycling capacity, to look for new “markets” in Asia.

Internationaler Tag der Umwelt  - Myanmar

The Germans produce so much rubbish than any other European country. But only about 42% of plastic garbage in Germany is recycled. Under the motto: “out of sight, out of mind” plastic waste has been exported to Asia until now.
But there is another problem here: China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam are throwing more plastic into the oceans than the rest of the world, and this is exactly where EU plastic waste is exported.

But that’s it now over! these countries no longer want the plastic waste and send the plastic waste back to their countries of origin!
But where to go, if more and more countries do not want our plastic waste?



As before, we deal with the nature criminal. Not only with our soil but also with our seas.

fisch in Müllpg

The summer is here and many people are fleeing to the beach! But why do not people take their waste back? Please share so that everyone knows that the BEACH is not a garbage dump!
“Heat … hurray … let’s have a beach party!” But please leave the location without leaving any trash.

müll in Parkplatzpg
Not only tourism on the coasts is booming, but also rubbish on the beach! All over the world, people just leave the trash. And not only on the beach. Especially on the highways: windows open, garbage out!
Everyone has to shoulder a bit of responsibility and not leave the fate of our planet to corrupt governments and criminal multi-corporations.

mümm keap it ckean_big_teaser_article

My best regards to all, Venus