Vietnam: 4 Bears Rescued from a Vietnamese Resort (by Animals Asia) are Home And Starting A New Life at Their Sanctuary.

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On the 24th of this month we reported of a rescue which was underway by Animals Asia to rescue 4 moon bears. See the post:


Well now – 28th June; we can report that all 4 bears have been rescued and have now arrived at the Vietnam AA sanctuary after a gruelling 3 days on the road.

Here below is the report from Tuan Bendixsen OAM PhD – Vietnam Director, Animals Asia:


Mark, you got them home.

After three days on the road, the four bears we rescued from a Vietnamese resort are home at our sanctuary.

AA June 2019 1

And because of you, these gorgeous bears who’ve suffered for so long – girls Sweet Pea, Phuong and Lily and our handsome boy Scooby – will know only kindness from now on. Without your urgent help, they’d almost certainly have been sold on to a circus or bile farm.

Instead they’re home. And already they’re feeling your love. With every bite of healing food and every kind word, these beautiful animals are one step closer to recovery.

But along with lonely little Solo who was rescued last week from a cage on a construction site, these poor bears have a long way to go before they’re over their trauma.

They’ve probably had no veterinary care their whole lives. All need full health checks under anaesthesia and possibly surgery or lifelong treatment. And it all costs money. If you haven’t given yet, please consider a gift of £15 to help them recover.

So far we know…

Sweet Pea has a long wound on her nose from an unknown trauma. And this poor bear (pictured here) must be so glad the 1,400km road trip is over. She’s been car sick much of the way.

Phuong has scarring on her nose. Her eyes are scarred too, so we’re worried about her vision.

Lily is shy and a little skinny. She has some hair loss at the tips of her ears.

Scooby is very small for a male, but already he’s showing us he’s quite a character. He’s calm and confident, likes banana leaves and LOVES jam.

We’re told that some of these bears were previously abused in circuses, but we don’t have clear answers yet. And maybe never will. But right now we’re focused on one thing…. making the poor bears well.

We’ll know more about their health soon and we’ll send you an update in a week. In the meantime, know that they’ll be getting the best care in the world… and we’ll be giving them your love and reassuring them that their nightmare is over.

My sincere thanks,



PS Sweet little Solo, who spent 14 years in a cage, is learning to eat fresh, healthy food. She’s sure to put on weight soon. With the temperatures soaring, our little water baby is loving her hose showers and juicy summer fruits.

PPS Thank you so much if you’ve given to our Annual Sanctuary Appeal. Your gift has been doubled. And sun bear Aurora is feeling your kindness already. She’s found her soul mate in younger male bear Goldie. And because of you, more bears like Aurora will know what true love feels like. If you haven’t given yet, you still have two days to double your donation.

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