Vietnam: Animals Asia Team Currently En Route To Rescue 4 Bile Bears. Can You Help Support Them ? – See Below.

Vietnam flagge

AA bear rescue

Dear Mark,

Right now we’re heading to central Vietnam to rescue four endangered moon bears from a resort.

We need to get them urgently, so they’re not sold on to a bile farm. The bears have been kept on display to visitors, but the resort owner now wants to end the bear display.

As soon as we heard, we knew we had to act quickly… So after frantically preparing vet supplies and permits, and hiring a truck and support bus, we’re now on the road…

… and tomorrow these precious bears are coming home with us.

Can you donate to help get them home? A gift of £15 would be a big help in covering their transport costs.


AA bile 4

If you’ve already given to these four precious bears, thank you so much! Your kindness means they’ve avoided the worst possible fate. If we weren’t able to get these poor bears, they’d almost certainly have ended up being exploited for their bile…

Trapped in tiny cages…

Never let out on the grass…

Drugged and poked with needles…

But thanks to you, we will get them home.

These four bears have probably had no veterinary care their whole lives. Please can you help to get them home so they can get the care they need? A gift of £15 would mean so much.

It’ll be a gruelling three-day road trip in hot and humid conditions, but we’ll make the bears as comfortable as possible. Giant banana leaves to nest with… delicious fresh fruit to munch on… cooling hose showers… and pain relief for those who need it.

These beautiful animals deserve all the care we can give them. I know you feel the same.

We’ll keep you updated on their progress, and meanwhile we’ll give them your love… because without your love and support, these bears would surely be destined for a bile farm… instead they’re coming home.

Thank you sincerely,

Tuan Bendixsen OAM PhD
Vietnam Director, Animals Asia

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