Who takes our garbage?


The world garbage dump closes!


möwe mit Müllpg

Indonesia also sends plastic garbage back to its countries of origin after Malaysia and the Philippines.

More and more Asian countries do not want to be a garbage dump for the world.

müll in China pg

Europe has been dumping its waste in China for decades – without many citizens in Germany knowing about it. Now China has shut down. On January 1, 2018, China presented the world with a 111 million-ton trash problem!!!

To date, 56 percent of all plastic waste worldwide and 87 percent of all plastic waste from EU Member States have been exported to China. Germany has sent around 760,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually to China, as magazine “Die Zeit” reports.
After on January 1, 2018, China presented the world with a 111 million-ton trash problem and India followed the example of China, Europe and the US must seek new countries for their plastic waste. But already Malaysia and the Philippines have returned the containers containing the controversial plastic waste to their countries of origin. Because, as was increasingly stated, the containers were marked incorrectly.
Allegedly, the containers should contain waste paper, and when the authorities checked the contents, it was dirty plastic waste including diapers.

müll Paketejpg

When Indonesia inspected the containers and found that the containers were filled with dirty plastic garbage like diapers and other plastic garbage instead of waste paper, of course Indonesia did not want the plastic garbage and issued a decree. Now Indonesia sends the plastic waste back.

“We do not want to become a garbage dump for the world,” is the answer to the Western world.

The western countries remain sitting on their (shit) trash.


Well… now there is not much choice left. It is also worth noting that more than 320 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced annually worldwide, but only an estimated 9% are recycled. The ban on Beijing forced Western companies, which do not have their own waste recycling capacity, to look for new “markets” in Asia.

Internationaler Tag der Umwelt  - Myanmar

The Germans produce so much rubbish than any other European country. But only about 42% of plastic garbage in Germany is recycled. Under the motto: “out of sight, out of mind” plastic waste has been exported to Asia until now.
But there is another problem here: China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam are throwing more plastic into the oceans than the rest of the world, and this is exactly where EU plastic waste is exported.

But that’s it now over! these countries no longer want the plastic waste and send the plastic waste back to their countries of origin!
But where to go, if more and more countries do not want our plastic waste?




As before, we deal with the nature criminal. Not only with our soil but also with our seas.

fisch in Müllpg

The summer is here and many people are fleeing to the beach! But why do not people take their waste back? Please share so that everyone knows that the BEACH is not a garbage dump!
“Heat … hurray … let’s have a beach party!” But please leave the location without leaving any trash.

müll in Parkplatzpg
Not only tourism on the coasts is booming, but also rubbish on the beach! All over the world, people just leave the trash. And not only on the beach. Especially on the highways: windows open, garbage out!
Everyone has to shoulder a bit of responsibility and not leave the fate of our planet to corrupt governments and criminal multi-corporations.

mümm keap it ckean_big_teaser_article

My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “Who takes our garbage?”

  1. Maybe it’s already too late…
    but anyway, being a dreamer, I am positive and I do everything I can to continue being so.
    This planet needs the help of everyone!
    Each one of us can make the difference: being a positive example, not turning the face when we see something which is not right, but reacting and explaining why that action should not be taken.
    It happen to me to see people throwing cigarette butts on the ground, or leaving alu cans resting somewhere.
    I make the gesture of gathering, then I explain why I do it.
    Of course, there will be those who laughs behind me, but I can’t let the motivation slip away.
    Only together, we can change the situation… which is dramatic!


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